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Anyone heard of Krakit (AI case partner resource) before?

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Neue Antwort am 30. Nov. 2023
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Anonym A fragte am 8. Aug. 2023

I'm trying to get more reps in as I have an MBB interview coming up, and I found a new tool called Krakit which is an AI case partner. Seems pretty cool because you can practice solo whenever you want, but I haven’t tried it yet. Has anyone tried it and found it helpful?

The beta is free so I am signing up--- site is krakit.co if you're curious


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antwortete am 9. Aug. 2023
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Hi there!

This sounds interesting. 

Would be curious to try it out. 

It actually sounds very similar to using ChatGPT for case preparation. 

The great advantage of these tools is that they are able to provide tailored feedback on demand. Which is great especially for those who cannot afford to get a coach. 

Where they come short however is that they are not able to help you on how you communicate or figure out why you are approaching problems in certain way (and how to do it alternatively in a better way). 

So it's almost like they respond to you the same way a case partner would do, but they can't really drill down to understand your underlying behaviours and help you change them. 


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Content Creator
antwortete am 9. Aug. 2023
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Hi there,

I tried to take a look but the link didn't work.

From what you're saying, it seems helpful!

Just remember though, this is comparable to reading case books: helpful, but limited.

Reading cases in books and using these types of tools will only ever help you in beginner stages, and, potentially, in improving specific weaknesses (charts/exhibits, math, etc.), much like Rocketblocks already does.

Nothing can replace live case practice with other people.

Please please don't think that typing out an answer is in any way comparable to doing a live case, on the spot, where you are pressured to listen to information, write information quickly, articulate your thinking, drive a case forward, etc.

Summary: Great for basics/beginners, not a replacement for moving to intermediate/advanced live casing.

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Ed antwortete am 30. Nov. 2023

I saw something similar but with the option to talk normally with the AI interviewer - https://www.casestudyprep.ai/ 

Might worth to check this out as well

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ChatGPT Nederlands am 24. Feb. 2024

You can try this AI. It's OpenAI Chatbot: https://gptnederlands.nl/

antwortete am 9. Aug. 2023
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I have not heard of krakit so cannot endorse/critique, but will add that tools that mimic AI case partners could be useful for people who are preparing for online case interviews. So it's worth checking out tools like this if you are interested and have an online case interview coming up.

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