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McKinsey & Company | Expert Coach |Five star rated |First-principles approach to case studies
Conceptual and first-principles thinking
Emotional Intelligence
Business acumen for candidates without business degrees
Englisch, Portugiesisch, Spanisch
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209 USD / h
McKinsey & Company | Expert Coach |Five star rated |First-principles approach to case studies
Conceptual and first-principles thinking
Emotional Intelligence
Business acumen for candidates without business degrees
209 USD / h
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Welcome to my profile!

The reason I am here is YOU. Practicing cases can be daunting. It is easy to get lost in frameworks and conflicting information. The detailed-oriented mindset from university is a barrier to prioritisation and top-down communication. I will empower you to showcase your strengths and work on your weaknesses to succeed in your interviews!

I will briefly share my track record and the two approaches that define me:


I am a 5 star-rated coach on Preplounge and another platform

I have a very busy schedule so do not have the time to market myself on the platform (e.g., post on the Q&A). I would rather give 1.15-1.5h/session to my coaching clients. I believe one hour is simply not enough to take you to the next level

The two approaches that define me are:


Did you know that management consultants used to be called "management engineers"?

As a research scientist by training, I leverage scientific principles to deconstruct business problems and unpack rules and relationships, regardless of industry. Through a first-principles approach, I guide my clients to ask fundamental questions to uncover these relationships, and assess their impact on the client's goal, rather than relying on pre-made models and frameworks. 

As I became a McKinsey consultant, first-principles and conceptual thinking gave me confidence and consistency as a problem-solver. As a coach, helping clients strengthen conceptual skills and approach problems with curiosity reduces the pressure for content memorisation. The interview preparation becomes more enjoyable and effective.


It is possible to challenge a client’s thinking and boost performance whilst creating openness where sustained learning can take place. Although emotions play a decisive role in interviews, they are rarely discussed. I want to change this paradigm.

At McKinsey, I received very positive feedback on my ability to build strong relationships with clients. Emotional Intelligence has a special place on my agenda. I recently completed a practical course on active listening, which helped me connect with my clients and identify the subtle behavioural cues that impact performance.

Finally, I am a global citizen (speak four languages), bringing the global perspective sought-after in consulting. I really enjoy meeting talented and ambitious people from different countries.  

I have posted two MBB-style cases on Prelounge: COVID-19 vaccine and JimboTel. The COVID-19 case is already one of the top-ranked cases in Preplounge.

For the candidates without Business degrees, I have recently published a book covering everything you need to make a successful transition into consulting without having a Business background. Check it out!

Look forward to connecting!


16. Sept. 2021
von William
Excellent experience, very detailed/actionable guidance + empathetic/sharp coaching style
3. Mai 2021
von Haseeb
Coaching aus CoachingPlus 3
26. Feb. 2021
von Tao
Coaching aus CoachingPlus 10
McKinsey & Company
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