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MBB interview preparation (Business Case & FIT)
Tailored coaching plan from my library of original cases
Author of the Integrated FIT Preparation Guide in PrepLounge (

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* IMPORTANT: I offer bundle packages of 2, 5 and 7 interviews with progressive disccounts. See below my library of cases, and please reach out to me to check availability and prices, and see which one could be the best for you! Furthermore, this would include the Integrated FIT Guide for MBB (

* IMPORTANT: To increase my community in this page, I am offering a disccount for the first meeting! Please reach out to me to check availability. 


  • +2.5 years in consulting with McKinsey and Company
  • +1.5 year launching Amazon Business in Spain
  • Part of the recruiting team in both firms, having conduced and shadowed dozens of interviews.
  • Professor at the Master in Management in the business institution Instituto de Empresa in Madrid, where I received the award for the best-rated professor of the year by the MiM students. 
  • Fully sponsored for MBA at MIT Sloan of Management
  • Experienced professor and coach, author of numerous preparation materials for the Master in Management and several consulting-prep pages.


Having received offers from McKinsey & Amazon (top employer from MBAs), plus having extense experience in interviewing myself, it became crystal clear to me that traditional frameworks don´t work! Consultancy and strategy is about thinking out-of-the-box and finding creative solutions to complex matters. 

Precisely for this, as professor in the Masters and as a coach, I prepare candidates to leave behind traditional frameworks and develop a creative, critical and holistic approach to master all types of cases. The well-known frameworks you find in case literature are a basic toolbox for solving certain types of problems, but they don´t teach you how to (1) approach a case, (2) draft a roadmap and (3) solve it. Hence, teaching how to approach ANY type of business problem with a holistic approach rather than "frameworks" is the philosophy of my sessions and key for their success. 

I am the author of my preparing materials, such as Preplounge´s FIT Guide (  thought for ad-hoc sessions or as a part of a full coaching plan. Number of sessions can be tailored to your needs, contact me for creating a tailored plan!

Check here my latest FREE cases on PrepLounge: 

  • Telco start-up >
  • COVID impact >


  • CASE 1: Highway privatization
    • Topic: Profitability structures
    • Key concepts: Profitability structure, revenue streams, cost groups and deep quantitative practice.
    • Industry: Capital Projects and Infrastructure, CAPEX
  • CASE 2: Airport capacity match
    • Topic: Hypothesis-driven structures
    • Key concepts: Cost cutting strategies, synergy calculation and complex math structure.
    • Industry: Airline
  • CASE 3: Italian groceries SME expansion
    • Topic: Market entry, growth strategy and product launch
    • Key concepts: Market entry structure: the integrated approach to all market-related cases (e.g., market Entry, new product launch, Acquisition, etc.)
    • Industry: Consumer good, groceries and distribution
  • CASE 4: Museum Opening
    • Topic: Pricing
    • Key concepts: Pricing structure: the integrated approach to all pricing cases (i.e., cost based, benchmark based and willingness-to-pay)
    • Industry: Leisure, non profit
  • CASE 5: Pharma operations
    • Topic: Value chain and operations
    • Key concepts: Value chain and product flow, distribution, consumers and decision makers.
    • Industry: Pharma and Healthcare
  • CASE 6: Credit cards introduction in restaurant 
    • Topic: Break even and profitability
    • Key concepts: Profitability and assessment
    • Industry: Finance
  • CASE 7: Bank´s wedding
    • Topic: M&A
    • Key concepts: Synergies calculation: Revenue, cost and upsell opportunities
    • Industry: Banking and insurance
  • CASE 8: Telco Expansion
    • Topic: Market entry
    • Key concepts: Application of integrated approach to market-related cases and complex graph interpretation
    • Industry: Telecommunications
  • CASE 9: Kenyan beer manufacturing
    • Topic: Value chain
    • Key concepts: Value chain and product flow in developing countries
    • Industry: Retail
  • CASE 10: Land development
    • Topic: Scenarios assessment
    • Key concepts: Profitability assessment in scenarios
    • Industry: Finance and Real Estate

On top, all preparation plan should include at least 2 FIT interviews with a full overview of the different “question families”:

  • WHY : Why consulting? Why this company in particular? Why this role in particular?
  • BEHAVIOURAL QUESTIONS: Centered around leadership principals such as leadership, ownership, impact, bias for action, etc.


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