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Interview preparation & planning
Expertise in US, European, and Australian/New Zealand markets
Mindset shifts

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Prepped and Primed 3
  • 3 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
  • Fully tailored and customized
  • 100+ video course included
Prepped and Primed 6
  • 6 1-on-1 Coaching-Sitzungen
  • Vollständig individuell und angepasst
  • 100+ Videokurse enthalten
Prepped and Primed 10
  • 10 1-on-1 Coaching-Sitzungen
  • Vollständig individuell und angepasst
  • 100+ Videokurse enthalten
  • Buche eine 30-minütige Lebenslauf-Review
  • Sende Deinen CV vorab an Ian
  • Erhalte detailliertes Feedback und Tipps
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Expertencase: Bain + BCG - Hot Wheels WITH VIDEO SOLUTION
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Expertencase: MBB - Sky China
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*Note: I am temporarily am offering a 30% discount off my regular rate for initial/1st coaching sessions. This is limited to 5 this month. Please message if interested! 


If you're unhappy with our first session and ask for a refund within a reasonable timeframe, I'll grant it - no questions asked! 

I've seen too many candidates hurt themselves by delaying coaching. That is why I want to take the risk out - the sooner you start the more I can help!

If you'd like to better understand how I coach, get access to some free materials, and/or book an intro call, feel free to shoot me a message.


*Ultimately everything I do is tailored to you as the individual. Every coaching session is tailored and customized to your needs. Feel free to reach out for different coaching session amounts (1, 3, 6, 10, etc.). 

My coaching is designed to prime you for success in casing in the least amount of time possible. It is not about learning everything or being cased in x specific industry/case type. It is about me giving you everything you need to go-it-alone and succeed! I am not just a case coach - I am a teacher. I am here to train and teach you - I identify your weaknesses and use different tools in different ways to help you unlock your potential. No two candidates are alike and that's why I adjust my coaching to help you succeed no matter where you're coming from.




I fundamentally believe that we don’t go to school to learn x topic. Rather, we learn how to learn. Same with my coaching.  As an example, I won’t just teach you x framework; rather I will teach you how to approach any unknown case type successfully.

Additionally, your learning does not end after our coaching session. My coaching sessions are supported by training videos and exercises. I send materials before AND after each coaching session to ensure you are getting optimal learning. I have converted an immense amount of material that would normally have to be taught live (i.e. more coaching sessions), and I give it to you for free. My goal is to have the most possible impact and value per minute.

Coaching can include (but is not limited to):

  • Full mock interview (case and/or fit)
  • Deep-dive case assessment
  • Crash course ramp-up in casing (from ground zero)
  • “Start-stop case” (we walk through a case together)
  • Frameworking mindset shift
  • Weakness fixing - math, charts/exhibits, case leadership, frameworking, etc.
  • Fit/behavioral story creation (I create your stories for you)
  • Killer resume review + creation (offline + live)
  • Cover letter review + creation
  • Optimal networking
  • Full interview preparation plan (daily, weekly cadence and coaching plan)
  • Written case support (outlining the PowerPoint deck for you, reviewing it, mocking the presentation with you)
  • Anything else - just ask!


Why Me

Personal Track record - I did not receive a "we regret to inform you" email from any of the 8 companies I interviewed with. Furthermore, I reached this in just three months, starting from a base of absolutely 0 (casing knowledge, business knowledge, industry/market knowledge etc.)

Candidate Track Record – 95% of my candidates receive a job offer. Of my candidates that are interviewing with MBB, 65-70% of them get an MBB offer. The numbers speak for themselves. 

Recency - I lived and breathed recruiting just a few years ago. I've seen what works and what doesn't. I've organised student-run preparation groups, analysed recruiting data through regression analysis, run countless workshops/presentations, etc.

Efficiency - I focus on the "how" not the "what. It's not about the hours you put in, but how you use those hours - I'll make sure you target the right areas in the right way. I have worked extremely hard to reduce the amount of sessions you need with me. Genuinely, 3 sessions with me 1 year ago is worth the same as 1 single session now. Why is this? Because I “outsource” my content and work optimally to help you as much as possible. 

Style – Put simply, I believe in fun. I strive to make our sessions as enjoyable as possible. I enjoy having a laugh and getting you as engaged as possible – I want you to be glad you’re attending each and every session!

Tailored Teaching, Not Generic Casing – I don’t “case” coach. I teach. I mentor. Sure, we will do a case and you’ll get feedback/advice, but this is 10% of what I do. I have a toolkit that I’ve built over the years – but I use different tools in different ways on different people. I identify your strengths/weaknesses, unearth how you learn best, and train/teach you.

Flexibility in Breadth and Depth – I can start at A or Z or anywhere in between. From setting up an optimal networking + application strategy to learning how to case all the way to last-minute final interview prep and offer negotiation, I’m here for you wherever you are in the journey. Additionally, no matter how fresh/new or experienced you are, I have “seen it all” and can ramp you up quickly in the basics or work through final advanced concepts with you.



Why Wouldn’t I Go for a Cheaper Coach?



Ultimately it’s up to you whether this is a product you should be shopping cheap on. There is a reason my candidates succeed at such a high rate, and, ultimately, often at a lower end cost:

  1. Optimized Learning – my goal is to make sure everything you do both in session and out of session is optimized for you. Instead of guessing what you should study/review and how, why not find out exactly what works best? Turn 1 hour of prior study into 3, just be learning smart.
    1. Example: Did you know rocketblocks is horrible for frameworking/structuring? They are fantastic for math/chart/exhibit practice, but are a terrible resource for frameworking.
  2. Correct Learning – It’s a rare candidate that comes to me without frameworking issues. The way frameworking is taught online is…narrow. A lot of bad habits are learned from interpreting readings literally, taking advice from other candidates (blind leading the blind), etc. Why not spend 1-2 hours learning the correct mindset before dedicated tens of hours to learning it incorrectly?
  3. Minimized Sessions – I’ve found this point the hardest to explain and have people believe me…until we actually conduct a session. Genuinely, 1 hour of coaching with me today is more value than 3 hours were a year ago. This is because:
    1. I provide content/reading/exercises prior to our session
    2. I’ve learned how to get points across and move through topics rapidly during each session
    3. I provide homework and reading/viewing material after each session

It’s not uncommon for me to cover 3-4 major topics in a single session. For example, in one session I have setup my candidate with a tailored case preparation plan, talked them through how to network effectively, set them up with their cover letter mass production techniques AND given them a crash course in structuring/frameworking. This then comes with supporting material that I send after the session.



What Does a Sample Session Look Like?

Let’s say you’re an intermediate caser but know you want to work on frameworking and your fit stories. Here’s what would happen.

  1. Prior to the session I will send you:
    1. A 1 hour structuring + frameworking presentation for you to watch AND participate in (live exercises)
    2. Reading on the “Objective-Driven Approach”
    3. “One Sentence Summary for Every Case Type” material
    4. Fit Preparation Instructions Material
  2. During the session we will work through
    1. Unconventional prompts + frameworks. (I read you the prompt, you create the framework, I edit/improve the framework, repeat)
    2. Fit stories (you present a fit story, I edit it, repeat)
  3. After the session I will send you
    1. Video answers to the frameworks we worked on
    2. Multiple prompt + framework videos for you to practice (watch the prompt portion, pause the video, work on the framework, unpause the video to listen to my 1-3 frameworks)
    3. Sample fit story videos (Me presenting my own fit stories)




All the Complementary Material I Share (In Addition to Live Sessions)

Example Content (Not Comprehensive):


Summary: 30+ hours video content, live recorded workshops, dozens of Articles/Readings, multiple templates + trackers…essentially everything you need.


  • Workshop I – Pathway to Successful Recruiting (1 hour instruction video)
  • Killer Resume Template
  • Cover Letter Mass Production Techniques (Instructions + Templates)
  • Networking Tactics, Tips, and Templates (Email Instructions)
  • Networking Email Template
  • Thank you email template
  • Contacts Tracker

General Case Prep

  • Tailored Preparation Plan
  • Crash course plan (7 steps to ramping up rapidly)
  • Casing template sheet + video (how to setup your sheets optimally)
  • Live mock case + walkthrough (video recording)
  • Industry deep-dive template (for research)
  • 20+ industry deep-dives (40+ pages)
  • Math practice + tips + tricks
  • Key Math Concepts and Case Practice
  • Case Tracker Matrix

Online Assessments

  • Online assessment preparation plan
  • BCG Casey Chatbot 2 live recordings
  • McKinsey Imbellus Preparation Plan
  • Imbellus Live Video Walkthrough w/ Instructions on How to Win (Ecosystem and Tower Defense)

Frameworking + Structuring + Case Leadership

  • Workshop II – Structuring and Frameworking (1 hour video)
  • 30 prompt + framework videos (video exercises)
  • World of Frameworks pdf + video walkthrough
  • Considerations for profitability frameworks (video)
  • How to Approach Profitability (writeup)
  • How to Approach Public Sector Cases (writeup)
  • How to price (writeup)
  • Fragmented vs. Consolidated markets (writeup)
  • Key Mindset Shifts Required for Casing Excellence
  • One Sentence Summary For Every Case Type
  • Eight Unconventional Case Frameworks
  • Objective-Driven Approach (writeup)

Market Sizing

  • Workshop III – Market Sizing (1 hour video)
  • Market Sizing Key Numbers (cheat sheet)
  • Marketing Sizing Prompt + Answers (video exercises)


  • Workshop IV – Behavioral (1 hour video)
  • Fit Preparation Plan
  • Guide to Creating Optimal Behavioral Answers
  • Optimal Behavioral Response Videos (Why Consulting, Resume Walkthrough, Personal Story)
  • Behavioral Questions and Story Organization Excel Tracker (including sample answers)

Offer + Post-Offer

  • Negotiations support
  • Choosing between offers
  • Preparing for the job
  • Succeeding while in the job

100+ Video 360° Course:



Files In Addition to the Course:




Workshops I Run Across Major Institutions (All Recorded And Access Given to You)

Workshop I – Pathway to Successful Recruiting

In this session, Ian will lay out the entire preparation pathway, and what you need to do to set yourself up for success and Land The Offer.

His session will include an overview of everything you need to keep track of in your recruiting journey, and key tips and tricks for every stage of the process. This will include:

  • Application preparation (resume, cover letter, application tracking
  • Networking / Recruiting (networking tactics, coffee chats / calls, contacts tracking)
  • Casing tips (foundational skills building, acing the case, case tracking)
  • Fit / Behavioral (foundational answers, story preparation, story tracking)

Workshop II – Structuring and Frameworking

In this session, he will lay out the how to tackle standard and unconventional cases by leveraging his tried-and-tested approach that has supported hundreds of candidates in successfully navigating the case!

His session will include a combination of the following:

  • Structuring mindset shift - how we should think about and approach structuring / frameworking.
  • World of frameworks - how every major case type connects.
  • Structure down and build up approach - two key approaches to optimally creating frameworks.
  • Unconventional frameworks - the key unconventional frameworks you can leverage to react to non-standard cases. Includes the "illegal" buckets that you should never use.
  • Unconventional case prompts and answers - live practice on sample prompts w/ answers (frameworks) provided.

Workshop III – Market Sizing

During this session Ian will teach you how to optimally solve market sizing questions by taking you through the optimal approach, flagging key tips & tricks, and working with you to solve a number of representative market sizing questions

Workshop IV – Behavioral

During this session Ian will talk you through all things fit/behavioral e.g. how to shine during coffee chats/networking calls, what to do in networking circles, how to network effectively, and how to optimally prepare for the fit/behavioral portion of your upcoming interviews.


Some Additional Information

If you're interested in some of the writing (and data analysis) I've done regarding recruiting and interviewing for consulting, feel free to reach out and I can point you to my articles regarding:

  • How I Passed All My Consulting and Tech Interviews
  • Two Mindset Shifts Required for Casing Excellence
  • Data Driven Recruiting (Part 1 Networking and Part 2 Invite-Only Events)
  • How to Quiet the Recruiting Chaos

Candidate Commentary on my coaching + content

This video is amazing. I’ve spent a lot of money on IGotAnOffer, CaseCoach, among other resources as well as university case books, and your video is by far the most logical resource I’ve used.”

-Candidate Commentary on my 30 min World of Frameworks Video

“Just a suggestion – you should consider starting your own platform since I think you have such a unique point of differentiation vs. the other products in the market”


Ians Coaching-Paket
Prepped and Primed 3
Beinhaltet 3 Sessions
3 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
Fully tailored and customized
100+ video course included

This package includes three, fully customizable 1 hour coaching sessions. Included for free with the coaching is a 100+ video course I have designed to provide you with offline training, learning, and deep-dive exercises - this course represents free coaching sessions and allows us to focus our live time on what can best help you.

*Ultimately everything I do is tailored to you as the individual. We work on what you need. This coaching package can be changed/modified to suit your needs - as an example, if you don't need resume/networking help, we can repurpose that time for frameworking / case leadership)

This package is designed to prime you for success in casing in the least amount of time possible. It is not about memorizing everything or being cased in x specific industry/case type. It is about me fundamentally changing your mindset to be prepared for anything that comes your way in the interview.

I fundamentally believe that we don’t go to school to learn x topic. Rather, we learn how to learn. Same with this package: I won’t teach you x case type, however I will teach you how to approach any unknown case type successfully.

But, don't just believe me when I say I provide a step change in your ability to change your thinking and get an offer. Hear from my candidates!





“Those 30 minutes just upped my game 10-fold”


“YOU got me from being a total mess to being good enough to get [a Bain & Mckinsey offer]…if anyone I refer to you hesitates because of your fees, let me know so I can set them straight!”


“Looking back, it's remarkable how far we were able to come in the span of just 4-5 weeks”


“Crazy how I went from abysmal to offer-ready after just a few sessions with you”



“I am confident that this wouldn't have happened without you”



“With your negotiation support…+1 higher position, 50% salary increase, and an impressive signing bonus!”



“[The interviewer] praised my framework by saying he'd given the case over 50 times and this was one of the least generic he's heard…I'm getting the hang of it all thanks to you”


100+ Video Course

“The [World of Frameworks] video is amazing. I've spent a lot of money on other resources (IGotAnOffer, CaseCoach), and your video is by far the most logical resource I've used”


“Wow. This [course] is simply amazing. You put an incredible amount of effort into this”



“From the Imbellus material to your prompts and everything…they helped me massively and I got phenomenal feedback across all 5 interviews on my structuring. I owe all that to you.”



“I honestly think that whatever price you put, the value you generate is even 10x more…my CV is 10x better than it used to be”


“HR fell in love with my CV…I got a personal response from the recruiter on how my CV stood out”



What does my coaching look like? Ultimately, no two coaching sessions look the same. I have a toolkit build over years of teaching and training. I use different tools in different ways based on you: your situation, your strengths & weaknesses, and your learning style.

That said, here is an example of what our coaching might look like (emphasis on example!):

EXAMPLE Session 1 - Preparation plan

In this session, I work with you to identify your key weaknesses and areas for improvement. Not only will we then create a preparation plan for you, but I will also provide you with all the materials required to resolve these issues. *See below for the materials I provide*

If you are further along in your preparation, this session might include:

  • Casing resources (incl. case layout template, “world of frameworks” visualisation, industry deep-dive template w/ answers)
  • Initial case to gauge strengths/weaknesses, alongside concrete recommendations for focus areas
  • Instructional videos primarily focused around building up your structuring and frameworking abilities
  • Crash course on frameworking/struturing

If you have just started your consulting journey, this session might include:

  • Start-stop case (working through a case together so that you can get jump-started in your casing comfort level)
  • Deep-dive resume review (incl. killer template)
  • Deep-dive cover letter review (incl. example Cover Letters)
  • Networking/recruiting plan (incl. recruiting tracker)
  • Casing resources (incl. case layout template, “world of frameworks” visualisation, industry deep-dive template w/ answers, case tracker/matrix)


EXAMPLE Session 2: Mindset shift

In this session I’ll hone in the major areas blocking your success. I’ll have identified these in our first session and we’ll work to fundamentally change your mindset. I have almost never seen a candidate that did not need a mindset shift in at least one area. This will be a very focused session, where I use tried-and-tested methods to fundamentally shift your mindset!

Some of the most common areas include:

  • Driving/understanding the case with purpose (hypothesis-driven only scratches the surface here)
  • Fundamentally understanding how companies work
  • Structured + clear thinking and communication
  • Keeping context while in the weeds
  • Brainstorming / flexibility with the unknown
  • Being a real person – showing your personality
  • Logical, project-based thinking of any problem, no matter how big or how small


EXAMPLE Session 3 – Final touches 

In this final session, we do some combination of the following, based on your needs

  1. Revisit mindset shift exercises
  2. Tough case – I throw everything at you, and provide detailed feedback
  3. Behavioural discussion (how to craft your stories and key principles)
  4. Deep-dive on framework or industry of your choosing


By the end of these 3 sessions, you will have the fundamentals required to ace the case. You will have gotten rid of rejection-worthy bad habits and you will have the vision and focus required to ultimately achieve interview success.

As a reminder, you will receive the following proprietary content from these sessions:

  • Killer resume template
  • Example killer Cover Letters
  • Recruiting tracker
  • Case tracker + industry/framework matrix (to ensure you cover all industries + case types)
  • Case layout template (how to optimally structure your paper to help you)
  • “World of frameworks” visualisation (single-view of the world of frameworks, showing how they are all interconnected and leverage components from each other)
  • Industry deep-dive template w/ answers (20 industries, broken down across the key areas you need to know)
  • Behavioural questions answer framework + tracker
  • 100+ instructional and exercise/homework videos (15+ hours of content) to build your structuring/frameworking abilities
  • And much much more


360° Course Included Complimentary


An end-to-end course designed to optimize your chances of getting an offer from your target consultancy, be it MBB (McKinsey, Bain, BCG), The Big Four, or boutiques.

  • 100+ video lessons
  • 15+ hours of engaging video content
  • 15+ prompt + framework exercises
  • 4 key trackers (applications, networking, cases, behavioral stories)
  • Case preparation plan
  • +10 Interview Cases
  • The World of Frameworks
  • 20+ industry deep-dives
  • Killer Resume + Cover Letter Templates
  • Cover letter mass production techniques
  • Networking outreach templates
30 Bewertungen
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24. Januar 2021 von Anonym

Ian has provided me with phenomenal coaching throughout the interview process. Over the last couple of months we have steadily worked on my weaknesses with both cases and behavioral/fit, and I've improved immensely with his coaching and support. Ian's approach to coaching is to be frank but encouraging, which I found effective in inspiring me to improve. He is results-oriented and invested in my success. I am certain that I wouldn't have gotten this far without him. Happy to say that with his guidance, I've received both Big 4 and MBB offers. Don't hesitate — working with Ian is SO worth it!

6 Benutzer finden diese Bewertung hilfreich.
3. Mai 2021 von Anonym

This was my 3rd time applying to MBB. In my last two attempts, I cleared the first rounds but always got dinged on the decision round. So I knew I can do the cases at a reasonable level but I am missing something critical in "how" I approach these problems. And, Ian helped me identify the problem and worked with me to address it.

Ian enabled a mindset shift that other commonly available resources are not effective at. He helped me in creating a structure from the first-order principle and in effectively communicating that structure.

I am happy to share that I got an offer from BCG (the only consultancy I applied again) and my case performance was evaluated as exceptional. Ian coaching is instrumental in turning around my performance.

Thanks, Ian. I wish everyone success in their journey and achieving their goal.

4 Benutzer finden diese Bewertung hilfreich.
5. August 2021 von Anonym

Ian is an amazing coach. First off, he is incredibly personable and someone that becomes not only a coach, but a friend throughout this process. The key to this program, on top of his technical expertise, is the fundamental mindset shift that he guides you through, giving you the confidence to handle any interview situation. I went from having no idea what I was doing to securing my dream offer from an MBB firm within a month. Not only that, my performance during the interview was so good that the offer came back with unanimous approval from all of my interviewers. Never would I have imagined myself, prior to Ian, having such a performance. This is the best investment you can make.

3 Benutzer finden diese Bewertung hilfreich.

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