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Imbellus Test von McKinsey – Guide von Luca
  • Detaillierte und vollständige Analyse des Spiels
  • Beispiele zur Lösung des Spiels
  • Praktische Tipps & um den Imbellus zu knacken
  • Buche eine 30-minütige Lebenslauf-Review
  • Sende Deinen CV vorab an Luca
  • Erhalte detailliertes Feedback und Tipps

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----- Feel free to contact me to set up a brief phone call in order to better understand how I can help you, structured coaching plans are available-----

Here’s an overview of what’s in it for you:

  • Real-live cases, used by major consulting companies
  • Effective frameworks, synthesis of the most valuable preparation material
  • Feedback based on real valuation metrics
  • Extensive network of consultants that you can leverage on
  • 2 slots with 30% discount for new students every month (contact me to check availability)


I am a former BCG consultant and NASA researcher, currently working on a startup project and member of a boutique consulting company. 

I, myself, have done 20+ interviews with a success rate of 100% and got a job offer from all 3 MBB. Furthermore, I founded a platform designed to prepare students for job interviews, where I coached 300+ students with a 75% success rate.

I offer also coaching in preparing for the GMAT test, focusing especially on the quantitative part. My GMAT score is 780/800 (First attempt).

During my consulting experience, I have built a strong network of top consultants working for all major consulting companies and I will be happy to share it with you.


When I started preparing for my first job interviews years ago, I relied on traditional preparation materials such as Cosentino or Victor Cheng books. However, soon I realized that the actual interviews were completely different than initially expected: fit interview is a crucial part, cases are unconventional and difficult to be structured and the actual solution does not really matter.
So what does this mean? It means that studying books is necessary but not alone sufficient to be prepared for your interview. 
Studying with me means using real-live cases and top-notch firms' valuation metrics. I will help you boost your preparation and maximize your effort spending the minimum amount of time.

Together we can create your strongest persona tailored to your curriculum which highlights your strengths and, ultimately, will impress your interviewer.
Together we can work out frameworks that help you structure your thoughts, enhance your reasoning and tackle every kind of questions.
Together we can understand what your interviewer is looking for and what is the best way to communicate with him in order to impress him and handle high pressure moments.

Here’s an overview of all the services and coaching sessions I offer:


  • CV presentation
  • Storytelling tailored to your curriculum and strengths
  • Cover letter
  • Communication & presence


  • Real-live cases
  • Frameworks (P&L, Pricing, Market sizing, M&A, Market Entry ecc.)
  • Brain teasers
  • Quantitative part: how to face calculations under pressure
  • Oral and written feedback using real evaluation metrics
  • Casebooks and my recommended cases for you


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