Best timing for coaching sessions within preparation schedule

Andy fragte am 25. Mai 2019 - 4 Antworten
Cambridge based post-doc and looking for practice partners.

Hey Everyone,

I have a call with BCG HR next week (Milan office) and I am hoping to get an interview in the coming months.

I have started going through the seemingly classic first approach book (Cosentino). However, I have read mixed opinions about the frameworks on this website.

I do not come from a business background and although I have some grasp about markets etc, stuff like entry barriers are not quite second nature to me just yet. As a result, I saw Case In Point as a potential good starting point. I have also got access to the INSEAD handbook. Am I right to see the latter as a way to improve the skeleton provided by Case in Point? I just want to avoid confusion across different philosophies.

Is this the good track to get into the right mindset? At what stage would you recommend me getting some expert coaching to fine tune my approach and structure?

Thank you


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Anonym antwortete am 26. Mai 2019

Hi Andrea,

I personally think everyone has different learning styles and therefore should use the books that teach in the way that they will best absord the material. That being said, Consentino and Victor Cheng are highly regarded.

Given your schedule, I recommend reaching out to a coach ASAP. I again think that people have different preparation styles so it's up to you and your coach to decide what is best for you. Some people like to go it alone with some chekcpoints along the way, while others like in intense coaching. I think, fundamentally, you need to at least start with a coach to see where you stand. From there, you should adjust the intensity based on how you're tracking (i.e. how both you and the coach judge your progress). The best way to get a good ROI is to at least book 1 initial session now and see where you stand!

Best of luck!

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Hi Andrea,

Books like case in point are a good start, but they should just be used as that - a starting point. Try to get a general sense of what cases/structures/examples look like and then move fast to practicing cases. These should be done with people, but if you want to do a few of them on your own most of the top business schools have great case books. Send me a DM and I'll forward you a few of them

Regarding coaches, I would suggest getting an appointments soon so that you get a detailed assessment of where you stand and what would be the next steps/game plan to get you ready for the interviews, depending on your goals. Happy to help here as well.



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  1. Cosentino is probably good as a very first step. Cheng is good as the next step. Rest of the casebooks are useless
  2. Books are just an addition to case prep with real partners, so I suggest starting live cases with partners asap
  3. I believe coaches are good in 3 modes:
  • 5-10 sessions with a coach in a row - If you have to prepare for an interview in a week, you've done 15-20 cases with partners and you need to boost your skills asap
  • 1-2 sessions with a coach if you've done 60-70 cases with partners and feel confident
  • 10 sessions with a coach spread over 4-8 weeks if you are not prepared and want the coach guide your prep


Anonym antwortete am 31. Mai 2019

Hi Andrea,

Congrats for your Milan Office call and hopefully your interview and offer later on.

I should tell you there is no one fit all solution. You should have a tailored roadmap for YOU!

I worked for BCG Milan Office very recently and happy to provide you some guidance.

Feel free to arrange a 10 min free call with me. Please let me know if you are interested.