McKinsey: experienced/advanced case partners

Dennis fragte am 16. Mär 2016

Hi guys, This is my final preparation for my McKinsey interview on March 24th evening.

Experienced/advanced case partners only. Thanks!

Each session would be about 1.5 hours. Preferably via video (Skype/Googlehangout). Please be on time! Thanks!

Below are the times that I am still available (Pacific Time)

1) Saturday afternoon 2pm - 5pm

Saturday evening 7pm - 10pm

2) Sunday afternoon 1pm - 5pm

Sunday evening 7pm - 10pm

3) Monday evening 7pm - 10pm

4) Tuesday evening 7pm - 10pm

5) Wednesday afternoon 2pm - 5pm

Wednesday evening 7pm - 10pm

6) Thursday afternoon 1pm - 4pm

You can leave a message below or shoot me a message.

Good Luck with your interviews!

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Ankur antwortete am 19. Mär 2016
Medium level Case pro.

Hi Dennis, I would like to do all weekdays, Sunday I am doing all day face to face practise, preparing for Mckinsey as well. Have done lots of cases (50+) and practices (25+).

Please send me message at skype: ankur.sonawane1

Anonym A antwortete am 18. Mär 2016

I would like to take as many slots as you can spare because I am prepping for my final round as well.

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