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Anonym A fragte am 14. Sept. 2022

Anyone have any experience with the LSS role at LEK, London office?

In particular I'd be interested to know:

1. What is the equivalent level for LSS compared to generalist consulting roles?

2. What would the expected salary be?

3. Is there any opportunity to be involved in non life sciences projects?


Thanks in advance!


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antwortete am 14. Sept. 2022
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Hi there, 

Yes - I've coached a couple of candidates for LEK Life Sciences so I can provide a perspective. 

I can't help though with question 2 - I don't know the salary myself, but you could check on Glassdoor for some high-level numbers. 

On questions 1 and 3. As a Life Sciences specialist you're likely going to be doing 80-100% of your projects within Life Sciences. However, they can be flexible for you to try out different industries if you ask. Like with most firms, you can adjust your path and interests as you go along, but you must be looking out for these sort of opportunities yourself. 



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antwortete am 15. Sept. 2022
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Hi there,

LEK literally has a whole page on this! I can't share the link, but it's called “Life as a Life Sciences Specialist: An Insider Look”

1. Just like generalist it depend son what level you apply for…you can join as entry-level, consultant, project lead, etc.

2. Also depends on what level you enter in (but should be mostly in line with generalist pay)

3. I find that unlikely, though I cannot confirm/deny

These are great questions to ask while networking by the way!

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antwortete am 30. Sept. 2022
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Most of your projects will be in life sciences. The exception is only when there aren't enough life sciences projects for everyone. And if you are doing great, you are probably not going to be the one who's not staffed on a LS project… 

Of course, you can ASK to be staffed on another project, and they may accomodate, but the logic of being a specialist is doing as much as possible on that specific industry.

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Anonym B antwortete am 14. Sept. 2022

Hi, I know a little bit about it as I am looking to apply to that role myself. 

Glassdoor has the salary estimated around £70,000. 

Not entirely sure on this but I think this position sits slightly higher than associate/entry level consultant roles in LEK and potentially other firms (excluding MBB) as only PhD candidates can apply. 

Applications were meant to open September 1st for this, although the advert has yet to go live on the website. 

Hope this helps. 

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