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Until 2021 I was a Principal at EY-Parthenon at the Lisbon office and the local Head Recruiter, having responsibility for the whole recruiting process (from entry level analysts up to Senior Manager level), including training the interviewers. 

Before that, I worked Bain and Roland Berger, and also for internal corporate strategy roles in the USA for a Fortune 100 company. I was part of the recruiting teams on all of these firms, in some cases leading campus activities.

I love coaching and making people successful. Being a recruiter for a long time, I can help you will all the relevant parts of the recruiting process. I know how to craft your CV in order to stand out from the crowd. I can give you the #1 tip that will make you ace the fit interview. I will boost your case interview skills explaining how first principles thinking works on a case interview and as such prepare you for the several interview rounds.

All of my sessions are customized for your needs and focused on a true Mentoring approach. This means that the session is not a simple roleplay of a mock interview , but instead a hands-on session with a highly experienced recruiter that will give you constant feedback explaining how to improve (and drills to further practice after the session). You will EXPERIENCE real improvement during the coaching session instead.

I love coaching and making people succesful. So much that I usually extend the session above 1h to make sure the candidate gets extensive preparation.


  • 12+ years in Strategy Consulting in Tier 1 and Tier 2 firms (EY-Parthenon, Bain, Roland Berger) and in Corporate Strategy;
  • Head recruiter for EY-Parthenon in the Lisbon office. As such, I trained the interviewers (both 1st and 2nd round interviewers) - I know exactly what they are looking for;
  • Recuiter for Bain, Roland Berger, Fortune 100 Corporate Strategy
  • Led recruiting processes in 3 Top USA MBA Business Schools;
  • Performed +200 real interviews on candidates from all backgrounds (new hire and industry hire) and experience levels (analyst, senior consultant, manager) for both consulting and non-consulting strategy roles;
  • I regularly organize case interview training workshops in business schools;
  • I have developed several non-conventional cases based on real life projects.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you need a discounted rate.

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