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Attitude during the interview

Anonym A fragte am 25. Jun 2019 - 2 Antworten


Hope you don't find this strange but i really think about this..

What kind of a personal image should we try to demonstrate?

Like should we be the cool, confident, snob guy or should we be the eager, hard working, cooperative friendly guy..

One side would make them think "this guy stands strong" which is good for tough times, the other would make them think "this guy goes along good with the client and the team" which is also good.

I might be all wrong with these assumptions too, so what do you think?

2 Antworten

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antwortete am 25. Jun 2019
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It sounds cheesy but you fundamentally should be yourself as much as you can - If you're yourself and you didn't get the job, it wasn't a good fit for you and you saved yourself years of not enjoying where you are. If you're yourself and you got the job, you're much more likely to be happy to be there! You can force cultural fit...

That being said, in a case the generally look for someone who is both confident and can take guidance. Someone who leads but can also brainstorm together. Someone who is logical and well structured but also shows passion/interest. These are general, and specific traits can be both intangible and vary form company to company, office to office, interviewer to interviewer. So, I refer back to the first paragraph :)

Vlad antwortete am 25. Jun 2019
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When you have 3 hours of problem-solving in a role - you can not demonstrate anything other than what you already have. So pls don't waste your energy on this from the beginning.


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