Thanks to the Prep4Succes Program I got an offer from McKinsey!

Veröffentlicht am: 16. September 2016

The P4S programme gives you premium access to a wealth of resources, including case partners and study material. But the highlight of the programme for me were the expert coaching sessions I had. The interviews simulate real case interviews in ways even practicing with other people may not. The structured and detailed feedback I received from my coaches allowed me to walk into my actual interviews feeling very prepared, confident that I had had the best practice possible. I have since taken up an offer with McKinsey.

During my P4S Program I had coaching sessions with the following Experts and can warmly recomment each of them!

I did a 2-hour coaching session with Matteo, which allowed him to deepen the case as well as test my readiness for the PEI interview. His feedback was actionable with clear tips on how to improve.

Giuseppe was a very friendly coach. Our session together was very effective with very precise feedback after each component of the case interview and PEI. He also shared useful additional resources after the session.

The ‘transferable’ feedback I got from Martin was very effective. It went beyond feedback on the immediate case to focus more on mannerisms and general approach. I also got specific tips on how to answer the PEI questions better.