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Anonym A fragte am 20. Apr 2021

Hi guys,

I recently got two offers from Accenture Strategy and LEK in Munich. I am a bit torn between the two options.

I know that LEK is very good in LS projects, they cover a wide range of projects (M&A, PE, Corporate Strategy, Portfolio Mgmt, Market Access, Organisation etc.) and they have mainly international projects. On the other hand, Accenture Strategy has developed a lot in the last few years and they are also quite strong in LS.

Do you have any specific recommendations/ insights you can share on this? What would you guys choose?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Congrats on your offers! That is a great dilemma to have hahaha.

At this point, and knowing that the location is the same and the companies very similar, I would trust your instinct.

At the end, when we say that it was a "gut decision", is what we are calling something that we cannot truly verbalize, but it´s a lot of knowledge that you have gathered and retained through the process and that is very valuable.

And most important: no matter which decision you take, it won´t be wrong :)

Hope it helps!



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Hi there,

My advice here is to trust your gut. While I don't have specific insights into Accenture/LEK in Munich specifically, I can tell you that you want to go to the place where you think you'll enjoy the work more, be supported, make strong connections and connect with the people/culture.

Which company did you get a better "vibe" or feeling from? Generally, this is where I would recommend going!

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First of all, very well done on being in such a fortunate position!

I would say if you are specifically interested in LS, LEK is a no-brainer (and truth be told even if you aren't, it still would make sense). But this depends on how you perceived the team, and whether you felt a strong fit at both?

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