15 years in Strategy & Transformation. Was Practice Lead in Accenture Strategy leading team of 45 consultants.
Independent Strategy & Transformation Consultant, Accenture Strategy, Deloitte Consulting
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I have worked for 15 years in management consulting and currently working as an Independent Strategy & Transformation professional, my last assignment being " Interim Head of Transformation India" for $1 Billion portfolio company of one of the biggest PE players. 

 I did my MBA from a non-tier b-school in India but still made it to Accenture Strategy, considered as one of the premier consulting firms to get into in India. In India, Accenture Strategy primarily competes with MMB and AT Kearney for projects and is positioned way above the Big 4  in terms of the brand equity as well as compensation offered. 

When I joined Accenture Strategy,  I was the only one in a batch of 40 in the orientation program who was not from a Tier-1 B-School in India. But inspite of this I went on to become a practice lead and was the only Engagement Manager leading a practice of 45 consultants, where-as the norm was that a Senior Manager leads a practice. I am still the only candidate from my college who made it to Accenture Strategy in 16 years of its inception, who got paid at par with peers from top 5 B-schools in India.

I can share my learnings as to how I followed an unconventional way to not only get into Accenture Strategy but also get paid at par and went on to lead a practice. When i had decided to become an Independent Consultant in 2015, I got a call for Engagement Manager from Mckinsey Singapore, a dream come true but by then I had made up my mind to work independently. I strongly believe I can make candidates successful in consulting career, it is not only important to prepare well to get through the selection process but also to learn advanced consulting skills which is lagging even in students from top business schools. 

1. I like to keep my methdology very simple but structured at the same time highly customizing it for the respective candidates based on their profile and career aspirations. 

2. I always believe in the fact that to be successful in a competition, always prepare 2 steps ahead of the competition.

3. I dont just prepare them for case studies , personal interview but I also strongly believe in preparing them to thrive in the consulting world. As a practice lead leading a team of 45 consultants from top Ivy League B-schools, I realized that they are smart but they lack serious consulting skills to hit the ground running from Day 1. Consulting firms do provide training but that is highly superficial. Hence I have customized training programs not only to help them get through the interview process but also perform at a higher level once they are in the consulting firm. So without the right training, one would have to take 10-12 hours everyday to get the job done and then feel consulting life is hectic. It is hectic because people are not trained and mentored enough to work efficiently. 

I also offer the following mentorship programs where I literally shadow you in the whole journey. Right from the basics of how to  make your CV impactful, create beautiful and impactful powerpoint presentations to teaching you complex multi year business transformation programs. Few programs I currently offer are

1. Consulting Readiness Program - Prepares you to operate at a Consultant/Senior Consultant Level in top consulting firms. It can range from 100-400 hours depending on the candidate's interest level. 

2. Advanced Consulting Readiness Program - Prepares you to operate at an Engagement Manager/Principal level. 400 hours of mentorship.

3. Sales Transformation Program - 100 to 400 hours of mentorship

4. HR Transformation Program - 100 to 400 Hours of mentorship

5. Procurement Transformation Program - 100 to 400 hours of mentorship.

6. Operating Model Design Masterclass - 100 to 200 hours of mentorship

7. Organization Design Masterclass - 100 to 200 hours of mentorship

8. Designing Shared Services Center - 100 to 200 hours of mentorship

9. M&A - Target Screening, Due Diligence, Synergy Evaluation and PMI - 100 to 200 hours

10. Corporate Strategy, Business Strategy, Growth Strategy - 100 to 200 Hours

All the above programs are real life consulting engagements and exactly the way a top consulting firm does it for their clients. You wont find it in any MBA program or no one outside teaches you such intensive mentorship programs. 


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