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Frequently Asked Questions
We are happy to answer the most frequently asked questions.
How do I find the perfect case coach to help me with my case prep?

To find the perfect case coach to assist you with your case preparation, follow these three steps:

  1. Filtering: Begin by filtering the coaches based on your most important criteria, such as price per coaching session, or employer.
  2. Selection: Choose up to 10 coaches whose profiles, ratings, Q&A contributions, and PrepLounge awards you wish to explore further.
  3. Contacting: Reach out to 2-3 coaches to address any potential questions or concerns about their coaching approach. Feel free to ask if they offer a free intro call.

In general, good coaches are characterized by the following traits:

  • Customization: They adapt the coaching to your specific needs.
  • Good relationship: They make sure that you feel comfortable and that you can work well together.
  • Transparency: They offer you full transparency about the coaching process via PrepLounge.

For further details, we recommend reading our article on Case Interview Coaching.

What do the awards stand for and who presents them?
The awards serve to highlight the achievements of coaches on PrepLounge and are issued on a monthly basis. They are determined based on several factors, such as the number of coachings or Q&A activity during the previous month. Therefore, they provide insight into the coach's level of engagement and success.
What do Q&A upvotes say about a coach?
Numerous coaches invest consistent effort into addressing questions in the Consulting Q&A. If you find an answer particularly helpful, it's advisable to upvote it. Coaches who accumulate a significant number of Q&A upvotes have demonstrated their expertise by providing notably valuable and high-quality responses. Thus, Q&A upvotes serve as an indication of the depth of knowledge that the coach can offer you.
Why does the price per coaching differ among coaches?
Coaches set their own prices, typically reflecting their industry experience as management consultants and their tenure as a coach on PrepLounge. It's worth exploring coaching packages as they often include a discount compared to single sessions.
What is the sorting based on recommendation?
The recommendation rate is used to evaluate and highlight the performance and success of coaches based on current and relevant data to help users make an informed decision when choosing a coach.

What criteria are considered in the calculation?
The recommendation rate is based on various factors over the last 12 months, including the number of coaching sessions, the ratio of reviews to coaching sessions and the most recent activity.

How often is the ranking updated?
The ranking is updated daily to provide real-time results.
Is a coach with negative ratings still a potential fit for me?
A coach with a few negative ratings might still be suitable for you. What matters most is whether the coach aligns with your needs and preferences. If you come across a coach who seems compatible but has received negative ratings, it's advisable to read through those reviews first and then determine if they pose a significant concern for you. In case of doubt, you can arrange a free introductory call with the coach. This way, you have the opportunity to form your own impression and see if there is chemistry, and if the coach can meet your requirements.
What are my chances of securing an offer after completing coaching?
Your success ultimately lies in your hands – and naturally, it also depends on your competition. However, with a suitable coach and intensive case interview preparation, you'll have the tools you need to excel in the interview. You can also take a look at the success stories on the coach profiles. There you can see which offers the coachees have received and how the coaching has helped them to achieve their goals. This will give you a good insight into the effectiveness of the coaching and can help you make your decision.
How does the payment process for coaching work?
Coaching is a valuable investment in your future career. You can pay for coaching sessions using either a credit card or PayPal. The payment process on PrepLounge is secure and encrypted via Stripe or PayPal. If your coach has given you a discount code, remember to redeem it during the payment process on PrepLounge.
Which tool do I use to communicate with my coach?
You can communicate with your coach directly through PrepLounge by sending them a message or proposing a meeting. The coaching sessions can then take place either via our meeting room on PrepLounge or through external tools, depending on what you have agreed upon with your coach.
What to expect during a case interview coaching session?
Case interview coaches assist you in preparing for your consulting interview. Typically, this involves conducting a mock interview with you, comprising both a personal fit and a case component. Following this, they provide valuable feedback to help you enhance your performance. The individual session usually lasts 60 minutes and is conducted online via platforms like Teams, Google Meet or another video call provider. The specifics of the coaching session for the case interview vary based on your progress and individual needs. It's important to discuss with your coach in advance what your requirements are and where you currently stand in your case preparation.
How should I prepare for a case interview with a coach?
Please ask your coach about the best way to prepare for the coaching session. In general, it's important to have a clear understanding of what you expect from the session and to ensure you communicate this effectively with your coach during the conversation. We have also published a comprehensive article that provides all the essential information on case interview coaching and outlines how you can maximize the benefits of your coaching experience in 6 steps.

Find Your Case Coach: Practice Cases With Former Consultants

Find a case coach that matches your needs. Our experts are experienced (former) consultants and are carefully reviewed by us in advance. With personalized plans and approaches, they will help you prepare for your case interview in consulting. Invest in case interview coaching and thus into your future consulting career.
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