Find Your Case Coach: Practice Cases With Former Consultants

Find a case coach that matches your needs. Our experts are experienced (former) consultants and are carefully reviewed by us in advance. With personalized plans and approaches, they will help you prepare for your case interview in consulting. Invest in case interview coaching and thus into your future consulting career.
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Any Open Questions Left? Check Out Our FAQ

How do I find the perfect case coach to help me with my case prep?

Here are three steps to find a suitable case coach:

  • Filter the coaches according to the factors that are most important to you, such as price per coaching/package, number of sessions, first positive impression.
  • Select a maximum of 10 coaches whose profiles, ratings, Q&A contributions, and PrepLounge awards you want to take a closer look at.
  • Contact 2-3 coaches to clarify possible questions about their coaching approach.

Good coaches usually will:

  • Tailor the coaching to your needs
  • Build a good relationship with you
  • Give you full transparency of the coaching process on PrepLounge

For more information, please read our article on Case Interview Coaching.

What do the awards stand for and where do they come from?

We give out awards monthly to show you what the coaches on PrepLounge have already achieved. Awards are given based on various factors, for example, the number of meetings or Q&A activity in the last month. Thus, they give you an indication of the activity and success of the coaches.

What do the Q&A upvotes say about a coach?

Many of our coaches regularly take the time to answer your questions in the Consulting Q&A. If you particularly like an answer, you should always upvote it. Coaches with a high number of Q&A upvotes have proven their expertise by writing particularly useful and high-quality responses. Q&A upvotes are therefore a sign of a lot of know-how that the coach can share with you.

Why does the price per meeting vary among coaches?

The meeting prices are selected by the coaches themselves and are usually based on their experience in the industry as management consultants as well as their experience as a coach on PrepLounge. Don't forget to take a look at coaching packages because they come with a general discount compared to the single session.

Can a coach with negative ratings also be suitable for me?

Coaches with some negative ratings may also be suitable for you. Above all, you should make sure that the coach fits you and your needs. When a coach seems like a good fit but has negative ratings, read the content of them first, and then decide if they are an exclusion criterion for you.

What are my chances to land an offer when I have completed a coaching?

Your success is ultimately in your own hands – and of course, also depends on your competition. However, a suitable coach and intensive case interview preparation will give you the right tools you need to ace the interview. We know that with our coaching package, the rate to get an offer is four times higher than for candidates who have prepared without CoachingPlus (i.e. Premium Membership + Coaching).

How does the payment process work for a coaching?

Coaching is a useful investment in your future career. You can pay for coaching sessions by credit card or PayPal. The payment process on PrepLounge is secure and encoded via Stripe or Paypal. If your coach has provided you with a discount code don’t forget to redeem it during the payment process on PrepLounge.

Which tool do I use to communicate with my coach?

You can send your coach a message or propose a meeting directly via PrepLounge. The coaching then takes place either via our meeting room or via external tools – depending on what you have agreed upon with your coach.

What awaits me during a case interview coaching session?

Case interview coaches help you get prepared for your consulting interview. Usually, they do this by conducting a mock interview with you which consists of a personal fit and a case part. Afterwards, they give you valuable feedback so that you can improve your performance. The individual session lasts 60 minutes and is usually conducted online via Skype or another video call provider. What the coaching session for the case interview looks like in detail depends on you and your progress, as it is tailored to your individual needs. Please discuss with your coach in advance what your needs are and where you stand in your case preparation.

How should I prepare for a case interview with a coach?

Please ask your coach how you should prepare for the coaching session. In general, you should be clear about what you expect from the session and make sure you keep this in mind during the conversation with your coach. We have published a comprehensive article that gives you all the important information on case interview coaching and how you can get the most out of your coaching in 6 steps.
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