FAQs from Candidates on PrepLounge

Becoming a PrepLounge Member

1. Why should I become a member on PrepLounge?

As soon as you sign up, you'll be part of the PrepLounge community and will be able to solve cases with other applicants in our customized Meeting Room. You can also make use of our BootCamp, a part of our Case Library, Brain Teaser, and many other resources. Apart from that, you'll have the chance to get in touch with selected Experts (e.g. (ex-) consultants from the companies you are applying for).

2. What are the advantages of a Premium Membership at PrepLounge?

Premium Members can schedule an unlimited number of mock interviews with peers during the duration of their subscription. On top of that, 200+ cases will be unlocked in the Case Library, Video tutorials, quizzes, and project simulations.

3. Can I unsubscribe from PrepLounge?

You can unsubscribe/close your account on PrepLounge at any time. After unsubscribing, your entire profile and the stored feedback are deleted.

Scheduling a Meeting

1. How do I schedule a back-to-back case interview session?

There are two quick ways to schedule meetings on PrepLounge: make a proposal on the meeting board or send a private invitation.

2. Meeting Board Proposal

On the Meeting Board (on your dashboard), you'll see lots of proposals for back-to-back meetings. Add your own proposal to the list and wait for a candidate to confirm the meeting.

3. Personal Invitation

​On the Candidate Listing, you'll have an overview of potential practice partners. On the profile of a candidate, you can send a direct invitation by using the Propose Meeting button.

4. How do I find the right interview partner?

First, go on the Candidate Listing page. There you have the chance to browse through all candidates. On the left side you can sort your partner:: Your Best Matches, Last Login, Number of Meetings, Best Review, or Filter partner by: Language, Location, Interests, University. With these filter options, you will find the right interview partner for sure.

5. How much does a meeting cost?

As a Basic Member, you can try out up to six interview mock interviews for free. For full access to cases and unlimited meetings, you will have to become a Premium Member. Meetings with Coaches are fee-based and can vary depending on the coach. If you would like to benefit from both Membership and Coaching, then our CoachingPlus package is the best choice for you.

6. Why can't I do any more meetings?

If you are a Basic Member, you have reached the limited quota of six meetings (3 back-to-back meetings). If you want to do more meetings, upgrade to a Premium Membership.

7. How can I figure out the time of my next meeting?

Select Your Invitations & Meetings on your dashboard. Here you have an overview of all upcoming meetings.

8. Where do I find the invitations of other candidates and the sent invitations?

Select Your Invitations & Meetings on your dashboard. There you get an overview of all received and sent invitations.

9. When do I have to pay the expert fee?

After the expert has accepted one of the times you proposed for the meeting, you will have to pay the fee for the interview to confirm it. This can be done under your Your Invitations & Meetings (on your dashboard) in Meetings Awaiting Payment. Please note that the coaching can only take place after you have made the payment.

10. What if I need to cancel my coaching session?

In case you want to cancel a coaching session, please note the following withdrawal policy:

  • If you cancel your coaching session more than 12 hours before the meeting takes place, you have the right to get a full refund.
  • If you cancel your coaching session 6-12 hours before the meeting takes place, your coach is not obligated to give you a refund but has to agree to reschedule the appointment.
  • If you cancel your coaching session less than 6 hours before the meeting takes place, you do neither have the right to get a refund nor a new appointment for the meeting.

11. Can I schedule meetings once my premium membership has expired?

Expert meetings can be scheduled regardless of your membership. However, once your Premium Membership has expired it is no longer possible to schedule meetings with other candidates. Your Premium Membership can always be renewed and extended.

Meeting Preparation

1. How do I prepare for my meetings as an interviewee?

It is recommended that you are familiar with the general procedure of Case Interviews before you join a meeting for the first time. For preparation, we recommend you use our BootCamp by which you can prepare yourself to crack cases, and our Case Library where you can work on cases by yourself. Please log in five minutes before your meeting starts to access the Meeting Room on time. To do so, click on the Meeting Room link on your dashboard under Upcoming Meetings.

2. How do I prepare for my meetings as an interviewer?

The interviewer's role entails guiding the interviewee through the case. It is, therefore, crucial to read and prepare the case beforehand. This means familiarizing yourself with the problem as well as the suggested approach. You will have access to the Meeting Room as soon as the meeting is confirmed, where you can change the case.

Meeting Room

1. How does the Meeting Room work?

The Meeting Room connects you with your partner for a case. You can exchange contact details and decide how to conduct the meeting (e.g. Skype video-chat, phone call, etc.). Since the case is interfaced, you will be able to share case exhibits (e.g. charts, tables, etc.) with your partner. This can be done by clicking on the Share Button below the individual exhibit you want to share.

2. What happens if my interview partner does not show up to a meeting?

The meeting can only take place if both parties enter the Meeting Room. Common courtesy is therefore expected from both sides. If your partner does not show up for an agreed meeting, you can mark this as a "no-show" within the info section of the Meeting Room and the reliability rate will be recalculated. If necessary PrepLounge reserves the right to ban repeated offenders from the community. There will be no consequences for the partner that showed up.

3. What do I have to consider during a meeting?

Needless to say, common courtesy is also expected when it comes to communicating with other candidates. Criticism should be constructive rather than derogatory.

4. How long does a meeting last?

The cases are conceived for 45 minutes. A back-to-back meeting, therefore, lasts 90 minutes.

After the Meeting

1. Do I have to give ratings/reviews after the meeting?

Rating your partner after the meeting is mandatory. Please evaluate their performance by awarding from 0 to 5 stars or thumb up/down. It is also highly recommended that you complete your review with a written comment. Only then will you see the review your partner wrote for you.

2. Who can see the ratings/reviews?

There are two types of ratings – interviewee and interviewer ratings. Feedback given to the interviewee is rather personal and therefore only visible to him/her. Interviewer ratings, on the other hand, are a reflection of the capability to lead the interviewee through the case. This review is displayed to the community as it helps the partner search.

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