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As a case interview coach, you will help candidates on PrepLounge to land their dream job in consulting by giving them one-on-one online coaching sessions and providing them with material to prepare for their interviews.

The Benefits of Joining PrepLounge as a Coach

PrepLounge provides you with the world’s largest case interview community to get started as a flexible and independent case interview coach. Add another income stream while helping others succeed!

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Requirements to Become a PrepLounge Coach

You have at least one year of full-time professional experience at a top consulting firm.
You have experience interviewing or coaching candidates and are an expert in casing.
You are motivated to be active and to contribute to our PrepLounge community.

Become a Coach on PrepLounge

On PrepLounge, we enable you to create your own coaching brand and build a standing within the largest case interview community worldwide. Make use of our tools to showcase your expertise and pass on your knowledge to the candidates!

Offer coaching sessions and programs

Grow your coaching business! In live online sessions, you can simulate a case interview with a candidate, identify their weaknesses and give them feedback and additional tips in order to improve their case performance.

Develop a personal brand

You are your own brand! By getting in touch with candidates and answering their questions on our Consulting Q&A, you can build up a reputation and prove your expertise in order to attract clients.

Create and sell additional prep material

Be a contact point for candidates to find relevant prep material! If you want to create another passive income stream, you can create practice tests, guides or other material and sell them in your shop on PrepLounge.

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Mastercard, eBay, McKinsey & Company
Boston Consulting Group, Custom Case Coach, Appian Corporation
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