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McKinsey | 6+ years in Consulting + Health Tech |Certified High Performance + Systemic Coach | Women Empowerment
Women Empowerment
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McKinsey | 6+ years in Consulting + Health Tech |Certified High Performance + Systemic Coach | Women Empowerment
Women Empowerment
Case and Personal fit interviews
CVs & cover letters
USD 189 / h
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85 Coachings
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I am Giulia, a former McKinsey consultant and a dedicated coach for women's empowerment and case interview preparation. Leveraging my experience at McKinsey, where I was actively involved in women-centric initiatives and networks, I bring unique insights into the consulting world from a female perspective.

My journey into consulting began with attending a women's only event at McKinsey, leading to my eventual hiring. I benefited from being part of McKinsey's internal female empowerment network, which equipped me with specific training materials and insights. This experience has shaped my approach to coaching, allowing me to offer tailored guidance and strategies to women aspiring to enter the world of consulting.

As a self-employed consultant in the healthcare sector, I combine my professional expertise with a passion for coaching, focusing on empowering women to achieve their goals in the consulting industry.

Feel free to reach out to me on PrepLounge for personalized coaching and insights into making a successful entry into top consulting firms.

As a coach, my approach is centered on empowerment and tailored strategy. Understanding that each individual brings a unique set of skills and perspectives, I focus on harnessing these strengths to maximize their potential in the consulting arena. My method combines the rigor of traditional case preparation with a holistic focus on personal development.

Drawing from my experience at McKinsey and in the healthcare sector, I offer a blend of real-world insights and practical techniques. This includes not only mastering case interviews and developing impactful stories but also navigating the challenges and opportunities specific to women in consulting.

My coaching style is interactive and feedback-oriented, ensuring that every session is a step towards greater confidence and competence. I believe in building a supportive environment where open communication and honest feedback pave the way for significant growth and success in the consulting journey.

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Apr 07, 2021
Interview Coaching
Giulia is a very informative, helpful coach. She identified my strengths and areas for opportunity and recommended exercises to improve. She is helpful for both the fit and the case interviews.
Mar 12, 2021
by Anonymous
Giulia is an amazing coach. She helped me a lot for the interview preparations. I like her approach, her energy as well as her patience. I recommend her coach sessions. Don't hesitate!
Mar 12, 2021
by Anonymous
Giulia is a very supportive coach. Her 7 sessions program is helpful and comprehensive which covers the important theories for major types of cases. You can learn important skills for the structuri...
Work Experience
2023 - now

1) Systemic Coaching and Mindfulness for Leaders:
Provided personalized coaching to over 100 global leaders, focusing on clarity of vision, overcoming personal barriers, and enhancing job performance.
Impact: Assisted leaders in attaining their dream roles, gaining self-awareness, and navigating workplace challenges, which translated into heightened motivation and improved workplace dynamics.

2) Women's Empowerment Community in Berlin:
Founded and cultivated a community for career-oriented women, facilitating regular meetings centered on meditation, sharing, and discussion.
Impact: Created a safe and supportive space for women, strengthening their sense of community, enhancing personal growth, and empowering them to bring positive, energetic contributions back to their professional environments.

Goeller Consulting & Coaching
2020 - now

1) Digital Factory Development (Insurance Sector):
Orchestrated the creation and launch of a Digital Factory, driving governance and agile methodologies.
Impact: Enhanced process efficiency by 30% and customer satisfaction by 40%, streamlining customer experiences and operational procedures.

2) Strategic Corporate Communication (Various Industries):
Supported the formulation and dissemination of a new corporate strategy, ensuring understanding and alignment across all employee levels through effective communication materials and collaborative workshops.
Impact: Secured company-wide comprehension and engagement, fostering a unified drive towards strategic objectives and long-term success.

3) End-to-End Process Digitalization (Media Conglomerate):
Directed the integration of RPA and other digital tools, focusing on process re-engineering and digital optimization.
Impact: Achieved a 25% increase in operational efficiency and promoted a collaborative culture, enhancing innovation and process agility.

McKinsey & Company
2017 - 2018
  • Pioneered the identification and evaluation of innovative digital business models for corporate venture capital initiatives, utilizing in-depth trend analysis. Played a key role in recognizing and capitalizing on emerging digital opportunities, thereby driving forward-thinking investment strategies and fostering corporate growth.
  • Led digital transformation efforts, encompassing a comprehensive redesign of customer journeys and the establishment of effective governance structures. This involved a strategic overhaul of customer interaction touchpoints, leveraging digital technologies to enhance customer experience, and implementing robust governance frameworks to ensure seamless execution and adaptability in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.
  • Led comprehensive data analytics initiatives, focusing on the evaluation of extensive patient datasets for major health insurers. Utilized analytical techniques to derive insights on treatment effectiveness, contributing to more informed decision-making and enhanced healthcare outcomes.
  • Supported the development of corporate strategies for leading DAX-listed companies. Played a pivotal role in identifying strategic opportunities, conducting market analysis, and formulating actionable plans to drive sustainable growth and competitive advantage in dynamic business environments.
No degree
Technical University of Munich
0 - 0
No degree
ETH Zurich
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Past Awards
Top Case Author
Giulia's cases were among the most solved cases 5 times in 2023.
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