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Would you like to become a management consultant at a renowned consultancy like McKinsey, BCG or Bain? Then you have come to the right place! Prepare for your case interview with PrepLounge and land your dream job!

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What Our Members Say About PrepLounge

I can say with 100% conviction that I would not have even passed Round 1 let alone get an offer from BCG without PrepLounge. As this is my 2nd time applying to Consulting, I know for sure that I was not prepared the first time and real-life practice and help from experts is the only reason I did well this time. I would recommend using PrepLounge to anyone who is serious about getting a job in Consulting!

Through constant mock interviews on PrepLounge, I managed to put into practice the case interview techniques I have learnt from casebooks and I felt a marked improvement every week. In short, I managed to pass 11 out of 12 MBB interviews, and secured 2 offers from McKinsey & BCG! I highly recommend getting an account with PrepLounge if you are serious about passing the interviews and getting into a top consulting firm! Cheers, C

The most precious thing is that there is a huge community on this website and the unique value is to organize training sessions with this community. What is really great is that the people on this platform are experienced and are giving great feedback to help you improve. The community is very large so you have the opportunity to arrange calls in a lot of different languages. I've trained with amazing people on PrepLounge who now got an offer in the MBB.

Dear all, PrepLounge has been my most important tool for my interview preparations. Thanks to my extensive preparations on PrepLounge and approximately 70 meetings, I received offers from McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, Roland Berger and Monitor Deloitte. In my opinion, there is no substitute to practicing actual interviews with peers. Books can only give you theoretical background knowledge that might be useful. Cheers, Florian

Thanks to PrepLounge I received a full-time offer at the consulting firm of my dreams! The platform provided me not only with the relevant materials but also with a wide range of competent case partners to practice with. To give my preparation further polish, I joined a coaching program. All of the coaches were really supportive and helpful. Considering the opportunity cost, I found the program worth every penny and would book it again with no doubt. Thanks, PrepLounge!

PrepLounge is a great tool to prepare for any consulting related interviews. It helped me from Day 1 to talk to peers, to learn how you might solve a case, to learn from your peers' interview experiences and to adapt those learnings to your casing. I believe preplounge.com offers the best opportunity to prepare for consulting interviews since it reflects real-life situations how it might come up with a consultancy.

There are a lot of programs and products for case interviews. I decided to use PrepLounge because it allowed me to prepare for interviews with real people, so I got the real stress and real feedback.

I was a novice when I started the case handling, but with the help of various articles and structured methodology of PrepLounge, I got way better and learned a few tricks. I am applying for opportunities in the Consulting firms, and I am sure that I will crack the case which will come to my way. The only way to get better in case solving is... Practice, Practice and more Practice.

Via PrepLounge I got access to a lot of insightful resources while I also got to know a few great people who helped me crack a lot of cases and improve myself, to the point that I successfully got an offer from McKinsey & Company. I totally recommend PrepLounge! Only regret of mine is that I did not buy the premium version sooner.

PrepLounge has definitely been a game changer for my consulting interview preparation. - Great platform to practise with peers, learn from them and network - Cases well selected and resolution properly explained - Useful extra material about business notions - Interactive tests, project simulations and mental math tools

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11,300+ Career Questions Answered by Our Coaches

1# - What do consultancies expect to read in my CV?

Use a simple, yet powerful CV plan: education, professionnal experience, projects and business games (optional), additional capabilities (languages, technology, extracurricular). Keep it simple: Two colours maximum. Highlight the important parts. Do not mess with bold and italic.


2# - How to answer: Why consulting? Why McKinsey/BCG/Bain?

1) Be specific; 2) Make sure your answers reflect what matters as a consultant; 3) Don't focus on the glamorous aspects of the job; 4) Mention instances where you think consulting has had a big impact on a company or industry and why this is important to your decision making process.

eBay, McKinsey & Company

3# - How to build up confidence and look smart and sharp in a consultant role?

Building confidence is always a tough thing in consulting where everyone is super smart around you. My 2 pieces of advice are: 1) Focus on your strengths. What makes you unique? 2) Don't ask for permission, ask for forgiveness. It reflects the leadership and ownership mindset that you have to possess.

McKinsey & Company

4# - How to answer: What are your weaknesses?

For all the fit interview questions, it is important to have a proper structure to apply in the answer. A good framework would be the following: 1) Say which is a "good" weakness, that is, a weakness which is not a red flag; 2) Say what you are doing to improve it.


5# - Can I get into McKinsey? If so, which position should I consider applying for?

Your career sounds very interesting! In general, the criteria McKinsey is looking at for business students are the following: 1) Being among the top 5% in Bachelor or/and Master degree; 2) Type of business school/university; 3) International experience; 4) Professional experience; 5) Any social activities

Goeller Consulting & Coaching, McKinsey & Company

6# - Market sizing case: How many petrol stations are there in the US?

There are many different ways one can approach this problem. I typically approach this following way: 1) What is the total demand for gas stations?; 2) What is the demand for one gas station?; 3) -> Find the total number of gas stations.

BCG, A.T. Kearney

7# - McKinsey hierarchy: What are the different position levels?

The traditional track at McKinsey from bottom to top is Analyst > Associate > Engagement Manager > Associate Partner > Partner. Moving from one position to the next normally takes 1 to 3 years. Each one of the previous role develops from Junior to Senior (e.g. from Junior analyst to Senior analyst).

BCG, Kearney, Vistaprint, Bain & Company

8# - Is it always important to have a structure when being asked a specific brainstorming question?

A good structure doesn't need to be rigid. What matters is that you capture the key aspects of the issue, which requires you to be flexible and customise as needed. The branches in your structure can totally include creative ideas. You just need to get your creativity communicated in a structured way.


9# - How to answer: Give me a reason why I should not put you on a project!

This is a great/tricky question! It's a disguised "weakness" question :) The key here is two-fold: 1) Your weakness isn't really quite a weakness in the right context (e.g. I get really committed and sometimes forget to take care of myself); 2) You've learned (from some interesting experience) how to tame the weakness.

Boston Consulting Group, Appian Corporation

10# - How's life like as a Partner vs an Engagement Manager vs an Associate?

Here are my thoughts on travel: 1) Associate & EM: Usually, traveling engagements would make you be out from Monday morning to Thursday nights. Occasionally more for workshops; 2) Partner: Much more travel expected, not only to touch base with the different teams but also to attend client events, etc.

Instituto de Empresa Business School, Amazon, McKinsey & Company

11# - Has anyone tried the new McKinsey Imbellus Problem Solving Game? Any tips/lessons learnt?

If you are into video games, you are in luck! If not, it might be a time to start. Candidates report that the Imbellus assessment reminds them of the popular category of “tower defense” games, in particular, Kingdom Rush and Planet Zoo.

Strategy&, McKinsey & Company

12# - McKinsey final round: What to watch out for?

As an ex-Mckinsey consultant and part of recruiting team, here is my perspective: Keep the following things in mind while preparing for the Partner interview: 1) Better synthesis and conclusions; 2) Comfort with less structured case discussion; 3) Consistent stories and deep dives.

McKinsey & Company

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Why should aspiring business consultants use PrepLounge to prepare for their interview?

Each year, more than 700,000 students apply globally for an internship or full-time position in a management consulting firm – with offer rates well below 10%. Competition for an offer from a top-tier consultancy is fierce and all candidates are willing to prepare extensively for the interview sessions. PrepLounge offers you the material and the contacts to advance your preparations for the case interview and to be a decisive step ahead of the competition.

What resources will I have access to on PrepLounge?

In order to reach your full-potential during the real interview, you'll need to prepare in many different areas. At PrepLounge, you’ll gain access to the biggest collection of materials and resources on real case interviews:

Are there any hidden costs when using PrepLounge?

No, there are no hidden costs on PrepLounge. If you sign up for free, you will have immediate access to a lot of practice content and can conduct six mock interviews with other candidates. If you want to use PrepLounge to its full potential, we recommend a Premium Membership. Premium Members get unlimited access to all materials and other benefits.

What makes PrepLounge unique?

On PrepLounge, you will find the largest and most active case interview community worldwide. Via our Consulting Q&A, you can get answers to your questions from experienced coaches within minutes. Via our user-friendly Meeting Board you can easily schedule practice interviews with other ambitious candidates and former management consultants, even on short notice. If you want to prepare intensively for your interview and improve your case skills through regular practice and feedback, you won't find a better platform online. Just check it out for yourself and sign up for free!

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