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Stress Questions – Practice Personal Fit Interview Questions Under Real Pressure

Tell me about yourself! How well can you handle pressure? During the personal fit part of your interview, you are expected to answer profound questions within only 30 seconds to a minute. With our Stress Questions tool, you can test yourself and practice 110+ questions! For extra insights, write your answer in the Consulting Q&A and compare it with other answer from candidates and coaches.
Answer personal fit questions while the time is running! Speak out loud the answer you would give in the real interview.
Go through several questions and receive valuable Pro Tips for an answer that will engage your interviewer.
Write your answer in the Consulting Q&A and compare it to other candidates in order to improve your performance.
Giving top answers to recruiters' questions despite stressful interview situations?
With our stress question tool, you are well prepared for the most common questions in job interviews.

Any Open Questions Left? Check Out Our FAQ

Why do I only get 30 seconds to answer a question?

We cannot say it better than our coach Henning: Planning for 30 seconds as your initial statement is a good target when preparing for these questions. The interviewer might dig deeper and ask follow-up questions bringing up the total time spent on the question, but for practicing the first pitch this is a great tool.

What’s the best way to prepare for the personal fit interview?

Some people say, you cannot really prepare for the personal fit part, but you definitely can! Prepare your answers and their structure first by yourself and then with other case partners or coaches. Make sure that convey your personality, make you stand out and go into detail while staying structured. For more tips, read our free Case Interview Basics articles on personal fit, our article on why consulting and have a look at all the Q&As on this topic.

Is there any material that I can use for my preparation?

On PrepLounge, you will find all the material you need for your preparation:
  • Articles on personal fit to understand why it is important and how to impress the interviewer (Why consulting?)
  • Stress Questions to practice personal fit questions on your own
  • Case Partners to practice personal fit interviews with other candidates
  • Coaches to really bring your personal fit stories to the next level
  • Integrated FIT Guide for MBB by Clara as an additional guide specifically tailored to the fit interview at MBB
  • Consulting Q&A for any additional questions you may have

Where can I find a list of questions to prepare for the personal fit part?

Find the list of stress questions in our Consulting Q&A and also more threads on the topic, e.g.: What are some typical personal fit questions in a McKinsey interview?
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