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GOAL-Program: Aiming the one + only goal

3 interviews incl. 1 full mock
Free insider material to share
All questions will be answered
USD 567 USD 559

What does my coaching look like?


Setting the scene: Full mock interview.

  • We will start with a full mock interview incl. case and personal fit part.
  • We will know exactly what your starting level is and can tailor the rest of the course to your needs.
  • You will receive a detailed feedback on your performance in both personal fit and cases.
  • I will answer all of your Day-1 questions.

Specific exercises for your individual areas of improvement - Part 1

Illustrative examples

  • Case Structuring
  • Business Judgment - being able to solve any case question
  • Cracking the math
  • Brainstorming
  • Clear top-down communication
  • Mindset coaching - your technique is great, but you have difficulty dealing with high pressure, anxiety, insecurity


  • You will have a clear understanding and better feeling on how to ace your area of improvement.
  • You will receive detailed, written feedback, outlining next steps and exercises to work on in between the sessions

Specific exercises for your individual areas of improvement - Part 2

Working part: 

  • We will continue working on your individual improvement fields


  • You will be able to master your area of improvement
  • I will answer all of your remaining questions


Educational part: We will cover the different personal fit interview formats in MBB

  • McKinsey PEI
  • BCG Real-life / In-Interview questions
  • Bain In-Interview questions

Working part: We will work on

  • Which stories should YOU develop in-depth for McKinsey
  • What are possible questions asked at BCG / Bain?

Outcome: You will receive

A detailed overview of what interviewers are looking for in a person

Company-specific personal fit interview guides (What they really want at McKinsey)

List of most commonly asked questions at Consulting firms


  • My recruitment and work experience has shown that applicants very often have difficulties having a clear, focused mindset during the interviews, but also, being authentic and positioning themselves in the best possible way.
  • Therefore, I will show you some simple techniques that you can use to feel more focused, relaxed, authentic and feel better before and during the interview, and on the other hand to be able to show your full potential.
  • As part of the internal informal McKinsey female empowerment network, I received access to specific training materials that I can share with you.

Additional value:

  • Individualized hands-on exercises. Between two sessions, I will give you some hands-on exercises to practice so that you can get better at your areas of improvement!
  • Referrals. My network of current and former consultants worldwide to enable referrals and great networking opportunities.
  • Certified knowledge. 100% recommendation rate, 75+ meetings, own cases solved 5,8k+ with a rating of 4.6/5.0 on PrepLounge.
  • Company-specific insights. Information on interview processes of McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Oliver Wyman, Roland Berger, Simon-Kucher, to give you company-specific insights.

About Giulia

Content Creator
McKinsey | 6+ years in Consulting + Health Tech |Certified High Performance + Systemic Coach | Women Empowerment

I am Giulia, a former McKinsey consultant and a dedicated coach for women's empowerment and case interview preparation. Leveraging my experience at McKinsey, where I was actively involved in women-centric initiatives and networks, I bring unique insights into the consulting world from a female perspective.

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March 12, 2021 by Anonymous

It's a nice program and Giulia is an amazing coach. The program is very helpful for beginners to learn the basics. And it's also efficient for advanced candidates to improve their weaknesses. I recommend. Don't hesitate!

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Content Creator
replied on March 12, 2021
Thanks Xiaoxiao. I wish you all the best!
April 01, 2021 by Anonymous

Giulia is an outstanding coach!!
Really great to talk with and provides clear and tuned feedback after each session. She also focuses on PEI part and helps you craft the best stories.
I would surely recommend this program!!

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