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Break into Consulting

The Only 360° consulting coach: Ex-Mckinsey Consultant + Certified Coach + Active Recruiter.
Case + FIT + CV Readiness.
Get continuous mentorship till you break into consulting.
USD 1,550

What the program offers:

  • 1:1 Personalized Coaching: Receive tailored coaching sessions from Gaurav Bhosle, an ex-McKinsey consultant. With over a decade of experience in coaching and a deep understanding of the consulting world, Gaurav offers a unique, holistic approach to coaching.
  • Hands-On Learning Experience: Move beyond passive learning with hands-on guidance to master every aspect of your consulting application. From case cracking to mastering fit interviews and crafting a standout CV, learn the art and science behind each element.
  • Continuous Mentorship: Our commitment doesn’t end until you achieve your goal. Receive ongoing mentorship and support throughout your journey to ensure continuous improvement and confidence until you break into consulting.

Program Curriculum:

Pre-Program Preparation:

Consulting Readiness:

Engage with over 7 hours of preparatory materials to build a foundational understanding of case interviews and 5+ hours focused on fit interview preparation.

Pre-Program Preparation:

CV & Cover Letter Preparation:

Access comprehensive guides and templates to start crafting your consulting CV and cover letter.

Case Cracking Mastery (Sessions 1-3):

Real Case Practice:

Tackle actual MBB cases step-by-step, covering every stage of the case cycle—paraphrasing, clarification, structuring, quantitative analysis, qualitative analysis, and recommendations.

Case Cracking Mastery (Sessions 1-3):

Skill Development:

Dive deep into the mindset, processes, frameworks, and best practices critical for successful case solving, while also discussing common pitfalls.

FIT Interview Preparation (Sessions 3-4):

Fine-Tuning Answers:

Refine and perfect your responses to common FIT interview questions through intensive practice and feedback.

FIT Interview Preparation (Sessions 3-4):

Personal Experience Impact:

Enhance how your personal stories and experiences align with consulting roles, ensuring they resonate well during interviews.

Consulting CV Focus (Session 5):

CV Review and Enhancement:

Conduct a thorough review and refinement of your consulting CV, incorporating insider tips for creating standout applications tailored for MBB and Tier 2 firms.

Ongoing Mentorship:

Continuous Support:

Benefit from sustained mentoring throughout your application process, including weekly Q&A sessions that address any emerging questions or challenges.

Ongoing Mentorship:

Tailored Interview Strategies:

Receive ongoing, personalized tips and strategies to navigate the interview process effectively, including organization-specific advice.

Why This Process?

This coaching process is designed to be comprehensive and adaptive, supporting you from foundational learning to advanced practice and strategic execution. It emphasizes building a strong base, applying learning in real-world settings, and continuous improvement, which are critical for success in the competitive field of management consulting.

The Process

  1. Introduction to Consulting Readiness and Foundation Building: You are provided with foundational materials tailored to give you a solid grounding in the key aspects of consulting interviews, including case and fit interview techniques. This stage sets the stage for targeted development and ensures you start with the right knowledge base.


  2. Interactive Learning and Skill Development: As we move forward, the focus shifts to interactive learning, where you engage in practical exercises and discussions. This hands-on approach helps you apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios, enhancing your analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills. The goal here is to transform your understanding into practical ability, making you adept at handling the typical challenges faced in consulting interviews.


  3. CV and Professional Branding: Parallel to interview preparation, there's a strong emphasis on professional branding. We work together to refine your CV and cover letters, ensuring they not only reflect your qualifications and experiences but also align closely with the expectations of top consulting firms. This process involves strategic enhancements to showcase your unique strengths and make you stand out in a competitive field.


  4. Ongoing Mentorship and Adaptation: The coaching relationship is characterized by continuous mentorship, where I provide ongoing support and guidance. As your coach, I adapt the coaching content and strategies based on your evolving needs and feedback. This flexible approach ensures that the coaching remains relevant and effective throughout your preparation journey.


  5. Consolidation and Strategic Planning: In the final phase, we consolidate everything learned and plan strategically for your interviews. This includes final adjustments to your interview techniques and professional documents, ensuring you are completely prepared. We also discuss long-term career strategies, setting you up not just for interview success but for sustained career growth in consulting.  

About Gaurav

Content Creator
#1 MBB Coach(Placed 750+ in MBBs & 1250+ in Tier2)| The Only 360° coach(Ex-McKinsey+Certified Coach+Active recruiter)

Hello, I'm Gaurav Bhosle. I'd like to emphasize that my unique approach as a 360-degree coach allows me to draw upon a broad range of experiences to help my clients unlock their full potential. With my certification as a career coach, I focus on identifying and leveraging my clients' individual strengths rather than simply replicating a one-size-fits-all success formula. My active involvement in recruiting enables me to provide insights from both sides of the hiring process, giving my clients a competitive edge. And my global experience means I can bring best practices from around the world to offer my clients a broader perspective. Overall, through my unique combination of skills and experiences, I aim to provide a tailored coaching experience aimed at amplifying individual strengths and accelerating success.

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December 17, 2020 by Anonymous

If you want to be 100% sure that you get the offer from MBB, Gaurav is the coach for you. He was my coach and I got the offer from McKinsey Istanbul! We had limited time to prepare but Gaurav navigated and utilized it to perfection.

Gaurav is a master coach who knows exactly how the interviewers think and covers all aspects of advanced cases carefully – atypical/tough cases, advanced tips, communication strategies – he get’s everything done to perfection. He also uses ‘real’ last round cases and not just any published cases.

Fantastic experience overall. I would highly recommend Gaurav for anyone preparing for MBB!

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September 19, 2021 by Anonymous

Gaurav is a great coach with a personalized approach and support throughout the process. He teaches you how to think through problems in logical steps, how to effectively communicate and he uses cases that have been used in real-life interviews. Overall, a very good experience and would highly recommend working with Gaurav!

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