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First Principles Structuring Masterclass

Crack any case without ‘learned frameworks'
1-on-1 tailored to your strengths & weaknesses
Full suite of learning materials
USD 479

First Principles Structuring Masterclass

2-hour Workshop

Did you know that most consulting firms often use stakeholder-based questions? How do you distinguish between exploratory and prescriptive structures? Which cases require hypothesis-led structures and which should start with a broad approach? What's the one word 90% of candidates use and are immediately labelled as 'average'?

Structuring is what most candidates struggle with. It's also the first skill that fresh consultants need to learn to master. However, there are no good resources to teach it.

If you're relying on books from ten years ago, you're likely in trouble. Consulting firms have changed their case types and expectations in the meantime. If you're relying on online classes, at best, you can be average. But being average in a tough market often means losing. You have to aspire for distinctiveness to have the certainty of options. By now, you have a better chance of passing an interview if you go without learning frameworks, rather than telling the interviewer you're going to look into 'customer, company, competition...'

The alternative is doing what great consultants do: first principles thinking.

It's what Elon Musk does. Or what Aristotle used to preach. It's the raw skill of questioning every assumption and building a solution from scratch.

It doesn't involve memorizing. It involves a paradigm change and the practice to cement it.


This class is about that.

Structuring and storylining were the areas I used to receive 'distinctive' feedback in when in McKinsey, and this 2-hour class is my attempt to instill the same in you. One-on-one. It's the methodology I teach all my candidates and why they regularly receive positive feedback on their structuring.

But the best part about this class is not that it helps you pass the interview, but that it lays the foundation for you to be a distinctive consultant once you start. It's a long-term investment that could trigger your first early promotion.

Below is the structure of the workshop:

  1. Baselining: The workshop starts with an assessment. You will be provided with a structuring question and asked to develop a structure on the spot. From there, we will discuss your strengths and areas of development on structuring.
  2. Theory: We will discuss what structuring from first principles means and how it is applied in consulting. I will provide you with examples of real consulting projects and how the technique was applied.
  3. Joint Application: We will discuss together two structuring questions and solve them jointly starting from first principles. We will aim to develop not one but ideally 3-4 structures that could answer the same problem.
  4. Independent Application: You will display the skill independently, simulating the context of the interview.
  5. Mastery: After providing you with the final feedback and answering all your questions, I will provide you with a tailored plan of exercises on how to take your skill to the mastery level.


BONUS: I will provide unlimited access to my full library of learning materials and all my proprietary assets (overall worth more than the masterclass itself) for the following week.

Note: I recommend conducting the workshop in a 2-hour block, but I'm flexible to split it into 2 1-hour sessions. Also, you have my permission to record the full session and use it for your private use. The workshop is 1-on-1 and tailored around your strengths and areas of development.

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Hi there and welcome! 

I am Cristian and I am the highest-rated McKinsey coach on this platform by both rating and recommendation rate (filter on the Coaches page for McKinsey and sort by 'recommendation rate' or 'awards last month'). 

Though I specialise in MBB and particularly McKinsey, I look forward to supporting you in getting multiple offers from all your target firms. I have the confidence that whoever you are and wherever you come from, between you and your dream job is just a bunch of work. And I am here to help you get through it in the most efficient, effective and elegant way possible.

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