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1. Why we should work together

a. Results:

  • NO candidate I worked with for more than FOUR sessions has failed.
  • Average sessions of a successful candidate: SIX
  • Coached candidates into roles from Senior Manager to Intern (incl. experienced hires and digital specialists)

b. Experience:

  • I’m VERY honest. I’ll tell you whether it’s a pass or fail, why and what you need to do to close the gap. No sugar-coating.
  • I quit McKinsey to be a professional writer. Storytelling is what I care most about and I’ll help yours shine for the interview.
  • I was a distinctive consultant in problem-solving and client relations. I’ll teach you how to get there and impress the interviewer.

c. Assets you receive:

  • Written feedback after every session based on MBB scorecard (incl. next steps on development areas)
  • Tailored development plan after every session
  • Real cases from McKinsey interviews
  • Original cases built from real McKinsey engagements
  • List of personal fit (PEI) interview questions (covering +95% of any potential questions) 
  • Long-term mentorship extending beyond interview coaching
  • Library of case books
  • Math drills pack
  • List of most helpful free online resources to accelerate your prep
  • Recording of our session (if requested)


If you'd like a free copy of my ‘4 steps to case math’ booklet, a battle-tested solution for excelling at case numericals (soon to be provided as a paid resource on PrepLounge), send me a message.



2. About me (the too honest version)

I joined McKinsey virtually by accident. I never planned to become a consultant. As I was about to graduate from Oxford I was offered a great job which I decided last minute not to take. The job required some sacrifices I was not willing to make. So fresh out of university, I found myself jobless and with no clue which way to go. My girlfriend at the time was applying for management consulting. It seemed like the cherry at the top of the corporate world. It was worth a shot. I practiced hard (including on PrepLounge), got a few offers and chose McKinsey. I was so happy! 

Thing is, I knew absolutely nothing about consulting and I hated the job at the start. My performance also suffered. By the end of the first year I was close to “issues”, which in McKinsey terms is the last step before being “encouraged” to look for another job. I sought out mentorship and I spent a lot of time thinking about my own path. I gradually understood that I was not just a consultant, but an agent of change within the Firm and the client’s organization. With my mindset, my performance changed. During the last three years at the firm I was consistently in the top quartile of Firm performers in the region. I was fast-tracked promoted twice, worked across eight countries and nine industries. I had clients genuinely, personally, thank me for the impact I delivered. I spent time coaching more junior colleagues and acted as faculty at McKinsey’s new joiners training (basically coaching new consultants on how to take their game to the next level).

Recently, I quit McKinsey. It was a great place, but I decided it was time to move on. Like in a marriage where we just grew apart but stayed friends, we still share nice memories of each other. I now write, I started a professional coaching business and I cause mayhem with my one-year old son. It’s great a life.

Feel free to reach out! I’m always happy to share advice and talk about my experience. Most importantly, stay positive. Anybody can do this. Just set a clear goal, make a plan, listen to the experts, stay consistent and just do it! I’ll be cheering you on from the back.


3. My approach:

“What is the most common reason candidates fail the interview with you?” I asked my friend, a McKinsey partner and former mentor. 

I had done by then plenty of mock interviews with candidates and had once been a candidate myself, but I was curious what he’d say. Everybody has their own answer.

Common sense,” he replied.

At first I thought he was joking, but reflecting on my own experience, there’s hardly a better way to put it. The thing is, many elements are important to pass an interview with a top consulting firm: case study practice, knowledge of frameworks, genuine personal fit stories, self-control under pressure, etc. Partners making the final hiring decision may bat an eye at one of these, deeming it coachable along the way, but they will never pass someone without common sense. 

Common sense, of course, means critical thinking, which is the ability to genuinely, actively think through the case and have a conversation with the interviewer. It does not mean taking a super busy senior consultant or Partner and dragging them through frameworks. That’s not what the job is about. That’s not how it works. What they all have in mind as you’re speaking is “What will happen if I have this person in my team and I put them in front of the client? Will they manage?” They usually figure it out quite fast. 

That’s what I focus on primarily - coaching mindset. That is, of course, a lot harder than teaching you frameworks, but it is essential. For instance, having a positive, constructive outlook about the recruitment process and engaging with the interviewer like they are a supporter and not a gatekeeper, will help you not only pass the interview, but perform among the top consultants once inside the firm. 

Of course, beyond this, we will cover all the things that are important and you can’t do without: the case studies, the frameworks and so on. My approach goes along the McKinsey personal growth strategy: strengths based development. We’ll find out your strengths and make them shine. Those are your spikes. Then we’ll figure out where you’re missing the mark and how to bring you at a good enough level. If you try to be great in everything, you’ll most likely be great in nothing.  

The reason I do this is because I have a strong belief: anybody can be a top management consultant. Everything is coachable. Nobody is born doing it. What makes the difference is how committed you are to the goal (i.e. what is the intensity you’re willing to practice at x the time you’re willing to take). 

Lastly, as a word of warning: I am very honest. I have nothing to lose. And the only way I can win is to get as many people hired as possible. As I’ve often told candidates, interviews can be moved, rarely repeated. If you are not ready, I will tell you on the spot and we’ll then plan together how and what you need to get there. Now you can relax, you’re in good hands.



Cristian's Coaching Package
Join The Firm Package (20% off)
Includes 5 sessions
100% success rate
Fundamental mindset shift
No sugar coating

This package is intended as a complete overhaul of your approach to case solving, personal fit story-lining and the overall recruitment process. With my method, I've had no candidates fail beyond four sessions, with the average successful candidate requiring six sessions. 

  • Every session is either case-based or PEI-based. The usual structure of the program is 4 case sessions and 1 PEI, but can be adjusted based on your preference. Other topics (e.g., overall application strategy) can be discussed on top.
  • Package requires focused work by the candidate between the sessions based on a custom training plan I will provide after every meeting
  • Lastly, I put a lot of heart in my candidates succeeding. As a consequence, I will be very honest and direct with feedback.

Case sessions include:

  • Real interview cases from recent interviewed candidates
  • Written and verbal feedback on graded interviewer scorecard focusing on both case execution and delivery
  • PASS or FAIL indication
  • Performance tracking across sessions
  • Working plan to close performance gap

PEI session include:

  • Real interview questions
  • Top 30 PEI questions that cover 90% of any potential interview questions (collected from offices across the world)
  • Live deconstruction/restructuring of story to maximize impact
  • Written and verbal feedback on graded McKinsey scorecard 
  • Advice on delivery and presence 

Included are also all other resources I own (math drills packs, case books, etc.), as well as access to my current base of candidates for high-impact practicing. 

Additional sessions - if requested - come at a 20% discount off the regular session price.

*** Only four packages available each month ***

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