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Master the McKinsey PEI

1.5h video course on developing distinctive PEI stories
Includes 3 recordings of real and successful McKinsey interview PEI stories
Includes the story structure template and the most frequent real PEI interview questions by dimension
USD 149 USD 99

Attention: Contact Cristian to get access to all additional materials.

Note: This guide was designed with the McKinsey PEI in mind, but can be used as a storytelling framework when preparing for personal fit interviews with all consulting firms. 

The average candidate invests only 10-20% of their total preparation time for the PEI. They struggle to understand the expectations from McKinsey PEI stories, what granularity is required and how to go about developing them. As a consequence, candidates often fail because of the PEI instead of the case component of the interview

This package is an end-to-end solution for your McKinsey PEI preparation and the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource on the market. It aims to be straight to the point: no fluff. 

The core material is a ~50-page guide, including a 1.5h video walkthrough presented by me. The course will enable you to: 

a. understand how the PEI works and what is being evaluated 

b. how to identify, develop and prepare your PEI stories 

c. how to deliver your stories on interview day 


The package comes with two other assets: 

  1. A collection of 3 recordings of PEI stories told during real McKinsey interviews by successful candidates of mine (each recording includes not only their story but also my developmental feedback on their story).
  2. The StoryBuilder, which contains a story structure template and the top 10 most common questions for each PEI dimension (that I have personally collected from my candidates who interviewed across +40 McKinsey offices worldwide).


This guide is the only one available on the market that also details anomalies in PEI interviewing formats such as the ‘Values Alignment Question’ and the ‘Personal Value Proposition Question,’ including the role and office where these were asked. 

Lastly, I developed this resource after coaching 1-on-1 over 200 candidates and having listened to over 1,000 PEI stories, and refined it with feedback from current McKinsey senior interviewers


Page 2-8 / Minute 00:01 - 00:12


Here I share my expertise and experience from coaching over 200 candidates on the McKinsey PEI. I explain how this is a comprehensive guide that covers understanding the PEI, developing impactful stories, and delivering them during the interview. This guide is designed to increase your chances of success and includes real-life examples and practical tips.

  • How to use the guide
  • The typical pattern of a McKinsey interview
  • The areas of mastery
Page 9-22 / Minute 00:12 - 00:46

A: Understanding the PEI

Here I explain the purpose of the PEI and how it relates to effective communication. I discuss the importance of storytelling and how it can showcase your skills and experiences. I also provide an approach to how you can structure your stories and adapt them to different dimensions of the interview. Additionally, I dive deep in the dimensions of inclusive leadership, personal impact, entrepreneurial drive and courageous change. By the end of the video, you will have a better understanding of what the PEI interview entails and how to prepare for it. 

  • What is the PEI and what is its purpose?
  • What is tested and how do I succeed?
  • What happens during a typical PEI interview?
  • What are the dimensions that McKinsey tests? - deep dive with examples in each dimension
  • What are the common pitfalls of PEI interviews?
Page 23-40 / Minute 00:46 - 01:13

B: Crafting your stories

Here I discuss the importance of starting early and preparing multiple stories to maximize your chances in interviews. I emphasize the need to have stories that showcase your best self in different contexts, both professional and personal. I provide guidance on structuring your stories and developing them in a topdown manner. Additionally, I highlight the significance of identifying the right stories and practising them in the right way. 

  • How should I approach developing my stories?
  • What makes a great and impactful story?
  • How to identify your high-potential stories?
  • What is the ideal structure of a story?
  • Example - Step by step deep dive through each section of the story
  • Extra - How is the PEI changing? Variations from the norm.
Page 41-46 / Minute 01:13 - 01:23

C: Delivering your stories

Here I discuss the best way to practice for the PEI and provide tips for interview day. I emphasize the importance of recording yourself and seeking selffeedback, as well as practicing with partners. I also highlight the need for a balance between preparation and natural delivery. On interview day, I suggest being prepared for interruptions, engaging with follow-up questions, and staying authentic. I share common mistakes to avoid, such as focusing too much on team actions and not quantifying the impact. Lastly, I offer self-care tips and encourage a positive attitude during the interview process.

  • What is the best way to practice for the PEI?
  • What should I expect on interview day?
  • What are the common mistakes in delivering the story?
  • How can I be at my best during interview day?
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