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Path to Consulting Package

5 tailored sessions
Personal fit & case mastery
First principles thinking
USD 1,395 USD 1,139

Path to Consulting Package

Note: The base rate of this package is temporarily reduced. I will be increasing the price within the coming period. 

If you want to accelerate your recruitment process and maximize your chances of securing an offer, this package is for you. These five sessions are intended as a complete overhaul of your approach to case solving, personal fit story-lining and the overall recruitment process

The program is completely customisable for each candidate, but here is an overview of the usual structure:



After a short talk about your objectives, recruiting status and self-assessment, I will give you a case based on an actual McKinsey interview. This case will be longer than the one in the actual interview to score you across all dimensions interviewers look at (usually what the first round aims to cover with two interviews). After this, we'll do feedback and talk about each question you answered, the strengths, areas of development, and what is required to improve on each of them. I will answer all your questions about the interview and how to practice most effectively. Finally, I will lay out all the feedback in written form, including an actionable set of next steps for you to work on until the next time (i.e., homework). Following the session, you will receive access to a Dropbox folder where all feedback scorecards will be added and where you will find all the training assets that I own. 



We'll meet whenever you feel like you managed to improve on the feedback provided in the first session. Now, I will give you another case based on an actual MBB interview, this time of a significantly different type (e.g., atypical) and increased difficulty to test your development across each of the areas discussed the last time. We will then again do feedback and track your improvement vs the previous session across each question. We will work together to understand what helped you improve (so we can do more of it) and where you are lagging (so we can adjust the approach). Like before, I will give you written feedback and a set of focus areas to practice before the next case session (e.g., structuring exercises).



This session will require you to do pre-work to prepare three PEI stories (one for each of the dimensions). I will explain to you beforehand how to most effectively prepare them, a few tips and tricks, and I will share with you a recording of a successful PEI interview so you get to understand what great sounds like and what sort of questions you can expect from the interviewer. Then, in the session, we will review your stories and workshop them, focusing on structure, content and delivery. I love this part the most!


Mock interview

This session integrates the two core parts of the interview we have been practising separately until now: the PEI and the case. We will start with the PEI (as most interviews do), where you will get to tell the story and receive deep-dive questions like in the actual interview, then transition to another case based on an actual McKinsey interview (different type). In the end, we'll do feedback on both and look at the last areas you must improve on as you approach the interviews.


Role-play full mock

This is meant as an end-to-end assessment of your interview performance, and always ends up also as a hilarious exercise. That is because we connect pretending that we are meeting each other for the first time and you are the candidate and I am the interviewer. We will then go through the usual steps of a real interview: brief chit chat, meet and greet questions, PEI, case, and then Q&A. This will allow me to give you feedback not only on the case and PEI skills but also on how you are likely to be perceived by an interviewer, what is the extent to which you managed to connect with them, and what you can do to improve. This fifth session will also include a detailed discussion on your readiness for the interview, as well as practical advice on how to adjust your mindset to maximize your chances on interview day.

Important to know:

  • Included in this package are all the other assets I own (math drills packs, case books, etc.), as well as access to my current base of candidates for high-impact practising
  • Other topics you are interested in knowing more about or receiving feedback on (e.g., CV review) can be talked about as part of the package at no additional cost. 
  • Meetings happen at the pace preferred by the candidate. 
  • Additional individual sessions - if requested - come at the same percentage discount as those in the package.
  • Sessions can be recorded if you prefer - whatever helps you prepare more.
  • Lastly, I put a lot of heart into my candidate's success; consequently, I am honest and direct with feedback.

About Cristian

Content Creator
#1 rated MBB & McKinsey Coach

Hi there and welcome! 

I am Cristian and I am the highest-rated McKinsey coach on this platform by both rating and recommendation rate (filter on the Coaches page for McKinsey and sort by 'recommendation rate' or 'awards last month'). 

Though I specialise in MBB and particularly McKinsey, I look forward to supporting you in getting multiple offers from all your target firms. I have the confidence that whoever you are and wherever you come from, between you and your dream job is just a bunch of work. And I am here to help you get through it in the most efficient, effective and elegant way possible.

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March 23, 2023 by Anonymous

Summary: This program helped me land a McKinsey offer (in March '23). The program was tailored to focus on my weaknesses (based on a diagnostic assessment). I improved tremendously on the MECEness of my structures, on communicating better the maths portion, on analyzing charts/tables, and on communicating fit stories in effective manner without losing my personal touch! Go for the program, you won't be wronged. Cristian is not only a great coach but also a kind person.

Context: I took Cristian's help for my upcoming McKinsey interview after being rejected by BCG. Honestly, I was at a low point, and I could not have hoped for a better coach & person than Cristian. I had around 1.5 weeks before my McKinsey interviews.

Diagnostic: Cristian took 1st session diagnostic with me. He quickly mentioned what my strengths and weaknesses are and mentioned how those can be improved. After session 1, I knew I had to learn how to make MECE structures and to structure my Maths and communicating that way.

Subsequent sessions: Cristian realized my key areas of issue and then took 1 session just on structures & maths. That session was instrumental for me to understand what I need to do. 1 of the sessions was focussed on PEI part and I realized how I have to improve so much on PEI. He helped me create the right stories, find some stories where I had a weak one, and how to be more conversational.

My McKinsey feedback: In R1, they told me my structures and insights were great. Only point of improvement was PEI. Before R2, I took 2 more sessions with Cristian which helped me nail down the PEI to a point that when I got the offer, the interviewer told me that they were very inspired by my stories. These feedback pointers are in sharp contrast to my BCG feedback where I was told that I needed to be more structured and a better communicator.

*Logistics: Cristian is quick to respond so you'll always feel helped. He never rescheduled any of our sessions and he, in fact, made extra time for me even when he was on a family vacation.

*Coaching style: He adapts to the situation. He is not one of those coaches who will ask you to learn 10 types of structures and regurgitate in interviews. He will help you develop your thinking. If you are looking for a coach who will give you structures to learn and who will tell you exactly what and what not to say, Cristian is not for you. If you are looking to understand why you do somethings a certain way and how that can be changed without any prescriptive answers, Cristian should be the go-to guy! For example, I was always afraid to ask for more time. Cristian, over multiple instances, asked me to analyze, "Why do you think you cannot ask for more time?". This question, over reflection, turned into, "Why do you think you don't deserve more time?". Over 5 sessions, he made me realize it is okay to ask for extra time. I did not blindly follow his advice to take time, I now whole-heartedly believe that taking time is important and something I deserve to create a contextual and concise answer!

6 users found this review helpful.
July 16, 2022 by Nicholas

Excellent coaching. Cristian provided written and verbal feedback and a wealth of resources - he coaching was absolutely essential in getting my offer from McKinsey!

4 users found this review helpful.
July 14, 2022 by Danielle

Fantastic actionable feedback for case and personal experience/behavioral interviews. I utilized Cristian for McKinsey style cases and felt comfortable, and was successful in my interview cases

3 users found this review helpful.
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