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Boost your career opportunities with extensive prep materials and coachings – a level of preparation you won’t find anywhere else!

Intensive Prep by Agrim

6 personalized sessions for your success (25% off)
No-rules approach fit for all firms and regions
Up to 30% extra discount for groups
USD 1,734 USD 1,299

Join a unique coaching program

Aim for success

Leverage the high-caliber experience of a former BCG Dubai Project Leader and aim for absolute success

Invest in you

Build long-lasting skills that keep giving you benefits across interviews, across jobs, and across decades


Experience a coaching program that is truly personalized for your prep needs and is vested in your success

Intensive Prep by Agrim

Number of sessions: 6 personalized 1-on-1 sessions designed for your success

Price: ~25% discounted vs rack-rate of 6 coaching sessions

What does my coaching look like?


Why should you take this package?

  • You want to take control of your prep
  • You want to maximize your chances of success
  •  You want to renew your confidence
  • You want to change your mindset
  •  You want the right skills and tools
  • …and you want to think like a consultant

Who is this package for?

  • This package is best suited for Intermediate and Beginner candidates
  • If you are an advanced candidate – 6 sessions may be a lot

What do you get in this package?

  • 6 coaching sessions – personalized for your success (see session details at the end)
  • 1 counselling session – to align your prep needs and build your prep plan
  • 24/7 WhatsApp access – for your niggles and worries
  • Periodic check-ins – to keep pushing you with homework
  • Pep-talks – to set the momentum before interviews
  • My own hand-crafted case library – for learning and practice
  • Feedback – that is direct, objective, and customized for you
  • Action items – that are tangible and easy to work on
  • Session recordings – for your review and reflection
  • And you get me – your preparation advisor in your interview journey

What do you get out of this package?

  • Maximized chances of success in your interviews
  • A renewed mindset for your job hunt & preparation
  • A clarity in vision to go from your current point to successful selection
  • An intuitive and no-rules based approach for case interviews
  • Skills that are applicable for all firms & regions
  • Strong sense of accomplishment and confidence in your profile
  • Assurance in your abilities to crack the interview
  • An overhaul in your case interview performance
  • A new dimension in your interview personality and body language
  • Learning to think like a consultant

What should you bring to the table?

  • Open mind – to accept feedback
  • Willingness – to change and improve
  • Preparation – to make our sessions more impactful
  • Agenda – to make our sessions focused and effective
  • Common sense – to dismiss useless rules and embrace what matters most
  • Hard work – I can only guide you to success – you are the one who must put in the effort

What are some other things to know?

  • Group offer – if you bring 1 friend – both of you get an extra 10% discount on the package price
  • Group offer – if you bring 2 friends – all 3 of you get an extra 30% discount on the package price
  • Group offer – Coaching sessions for you and your friends can be conducted joint or separately as per your needs
  • Scheduling – Sessions will be scheduled at your pace and as per your needs
  • Additional sessions – can be purchased at the full session price (or you can buy another pack)
  • While there is no 60-min restriction on the duration of the sessions, I want you to understand that quality of
    advice is more important than hours of advice.

What do my students say?

  • “…having sessions with you is probably my best investment in life…”
  • “…I wish I’d done my session with you earlier in my preparation…”
  •  “…I wish I found him sooner. Book him, he will make a difference…”
  •  “…I don’t think I could have made it without your guidance…”
  • “…coaching style is unique and changes how you think and use first principles thinking…”
  • “…provided an intuitive, logical approach to casing…”
  • “…helped me build my confidence and helps me simplify my approach…”
  • “…enables you to be confident during interviews…”
  • “…he shifts your mentality about case studying 100%...”
  • “…two sessions significantly impacted the way I structured & understood cases…”
  • “…helping you grow more structured and grounded in your casework…”
  • “…I found his feedback on structuring & creative idea generation very helpful…”
  • “…not only helped me in casing but also fit…
  • “…I also found the feedback received on personal experience part quite insightful…”
  • “…until the last moment before my interview, he was trying to help me on whatever I need…”
  • “…very short response time and great flexibility…”
  • “…I got my MBB offer because of the last-minute session I had with Agrim…”
  • “…I would highly recommend him to anybody looking to cover that ‘last mile’ part of their prep which makes the difference of an ‘offer’ and a ‘no-offer’…”
  • “…the fine tuning really helps you to put your best side in front of the interviewers…”
  • “…he is very patient, direct and doesn’t sugarcoat things…”

Here is the full library of coaching sessions that I provide – we will pick those that maximize your success based on your prep requirements.

Type 1

Diagnostics (1-3 sessions – as per your needs)

  • 1 session: Mock Diagnostic – test all your skills at the beginning
  • 1 session: Fit/PEI Diagnostic – test your answers and presentation
  • 1 session: Mock Diagnostic – test all your skills at the end of your prep
Type 2

Skill Building (1-8 sessions – as per your needs)

  • 1-3 sessions: Structuring – learn the only 3 structures you will ever need
  • 1-3 sessions: Market sizing – learn the most challenging and misunderstood skill
  • 1 session: Case math – bring all your math nightmares to me and we conquer them
  • 1 session: Financial concepts – Learn NPV, IRR, CAGR, all those sleepless acronyms
Type 3

Profile Building (1-8 sessions – as per your needs)

  • 1 session: Tell me about yourself – the single most important answer to prepare
  • 1 session: Other Fit answers – get your answers tested and revamped
  • 1-2 sessions: PEI stories – write your stories like never before
  • 1-2 sessions: CV – elevate your CV to perfection and learn the best CV techniques
  • 1-2 sessions: Presenting answers – content is no good if not presented well – learn the best techniques in communication and body language to make the difference
Type 4

Consulting 101 (7-8 sessions – write to me for more details)

  • 1-2 sessions: Intro to Consulting – classroom & discussion
  • 3 sessions: Consulting toolkit – proposal simulation & role-play
  • 3 sessions: Case Management – case simulation & role-play

About Agrim

Premium + Coaching Expert
Content Creator
BCG Dubai Project Leader | Learn to think like a Consultant | Free personalised prep plan | 6+ years in Consulting

I am a former Project Leader with BCG Dubai and have nearly 9 years of high-impact work experience.

I have been coaching candidates for their career preparation since 2016 and joined PrepLounge 5 years later in 2021.

Overall in my life, I have conducted 1,000+ coaching sessions across Case Interviews, PEI/Fit curation, Sizing & Estimation, Personality Development, CV Development, Consulting Coaching, Mentorship, Performance Improvement, and many more topics.

When you are working with me - you will get coaching that will help you not just for your next interview, but for the many years to come.

I have been privileged to have some excellent career mentors and coaches. Spreading their learnings is my way of paying them back.

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