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Become a STAR Consultant

Work with the Only 360° Consulting Coach: Ex-McKinsey, Certified Coach, Active Recruiter.
Best tips and practices to ace your first year in Consulting & fast-track promotions.
Exclusive Consulting Toolkit.
USD 1,945

A personalized program for early-stage consulting professionals, designed to help you ace your first year in consulting and fast-track your promotions.

What the program offers:

  • Five Personalized Coaching Sessions: Engage in tailored sessions designed to address your specific needs as a new consultant.
  • 1:1 Coaching with an ex-MBB Coach: Receive direct and hands-on coaching from an experienced consultant, learning the ropes of consulting in a practical, interactive environment.
  • Practical Insights and Strategies: Avoid common early-career pitfalls such as initial hiccups, forced exits, and burnout. Gain insights that go beyond recorded materials.
  • Peak Performance Strategies: Learn to maximize both productivity and happiness at work using proven peak performance strategies.
  • Career Acceleration: Focus on strategies for early promotion and fast-tracking your consulting career.
  • Career Planning: Develop a clear, actionable career strategy for both the short term and medium term.

Program Curriculum (suggested agenda):

Session 1: Getting Started with Confidence

Joining Readiness Evaluation & Goal Setting:

We’ll start with a discovery call to thoroughly understand your profile and priorities. Together, we’ll set clear, achievable goals to ensure you’re fully prepared to join the consulting world.

Session 2: Preparing for Your First Project

First Project Readiness Discussion:

Dive into preparations for your initial project. We’ll discuss strategies to not just start but excel from your first assignment, ensuring you understand the expectations and the best approach to meet them.

Session 3: Navigating Your First Project

Mid-Project Check-In:

Halfway through your first project, we’ll assess your progress, address any challenges you’ve faced, and discuss key learnings to improve your performance as you move forward.

Session 4: Reflecting and Learning

First Project Debrief & Feedback:

After completing your first project, we’ll review your performance, discuss feedback, and explore opportunities for growth. This session helps you learn from your experiences and prepares you for future projects.

Session 5: Making Your Mark

Pre-Evaluation Preparation and Appraisal Pitch Crafting:

As your first evaluation approaches, we’ll prepare you to make a strong impression. You’ll learn how to effectively highlight your achievements and contributions, positioning yourself for a successful appraisal and potential early promotions.

Important to know:

Each session is designed to build on the previous one, creating a cohesive and comprehensive learning experience that grows with you. Our flexible approach ensures that we can adjust the focus based on your evolving needs and specific circumstances.

  • Comprehensive Resources Included: Included in the program are a consulting toolkit and selected products that are owned by me and designed to help you excel in your first year of consulting and fast-track your promotions.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Meetings can be scheduled at your pace, allowing you to fit the program into your busy lifestyle and maximize learning effectiveness.
  • Recording Option: Sessions can be recorded, providing you with the flexibility to review them as needed and enhance your preparation.

About Gaurav

Content Creator
#1 MBB Coach(Placed 750+ in MBBs & 1250+ in Tier2)| The Only 360° coach(Ex-McKinsey+Certified Coach+Active recruiter)

Hello, I'm Gaurav Bhosle. I'd like to emphasize that my unique approach as a 360-degree coach allows me to draw upon a broad range of experiences to help my clients unlock their full potential. With my certification as a career coach, I focus on identifying and leveraging my clients' individual strengths rather than simply replicating a one-size-fits-all success formula. My active involvement in recruiting enables me to provide insights from both sides of the hiring process, giving my clients a competitive edge. And my global experience means I can bring best practices from around the world to offer my clients a broader perspective. Overall, through my unique combination of skills and experiences, I aim to provide a tailored coaching experience aimed at amplifying individual strengths and accelerating success.

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