Become an Apex Candidate

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Welcome to Become an Apex Candidate

With this package, we will focus on building good fundamentals that will help you ace the case and prepare you well for the job

Become an Apex Candidate

Want to become an Apex candidate on top of the chain and performing a cut above the rest? 

In the Apex Candidate coaching package, we will build strong fundamentals and sharpen your skills to help you reach the pinnacle of performance to crush your competition and land that dream offer of yours.

My coaching knowledge, perspective and experience is based on a wealth of experience having gone through several elite environments including:

  • 5 years as an interviewer at BCG
  • ~8+ years of actual consulting experience
    • Top performing consultant at BCG including 2 fast promotions during my tenure
    • Experience as a manager/project lead role where I manage, coach and evaluate consultants on the job
  • 2 years operating in the elite environment of the Commando unit in the Singapore Armed Forces

I tailor my approach to our sessions based on who you are and where you are. Whether you are an undergraduate or experienced hire, I am confident I am able to value add to your preparation journey.

I look forward to helping you land your dream job :)

About Benjamin

Premium + Coaching Expert
Content Creator
Ex-BCG Principal | 8+ years consulting experience in SEA | BCG top interviewer & top performer

I have 8+ years of consulting experience, which includes ~5 years of interviewing experience at BCG. I have interviewed and assessed candidates from varying levels all the way from interns to post-MBA consultant roles. I was also fast promoted at Kearney (BA to SBA) and twice at BCG (from Consultant to Project Leader, and Project Leader to Principal).

At BCG, I was also part of the CEO Ambassador program, having been selected and shortlisted as the top 2% of applicants globally, to support BCG's executive committee on key strategic topics for 6 months

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December 16, 2023 by Beril

I have landed my first offer, and others are on the way, thanks to Ben! He is an exceptional coach, and stands out with his extensive background in consulting and his experience interviewing candidates at various levels. Ben emphasizes practical problem-solving skills over memorizing frameworks, making him the ideal choice if you're looking to comfortably tackle any case question!

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December 03, 2023 by Samantha

Benjamin's coaching helped me tremendously in my job search. Not only did he expertly refine my CV and cover letter, but his guidance was crucial in acing both fit and case interviews.

What set him apart was the ongoing support, extending beyond our regular sessions. He provided valuable feedback on structuring drills, greatly enhancing my interview preparation. This allowed me to navigate the interview process with greater confidence. His trainings also helped me to spot and address weaknesses that conventional casebooks often overlook. With his help, I secured a fantastic job and feel better equipped in my professional skills.

I wholeheartedly recommend Benjamin to anyone aiming to elevate their career. The personalized, in-depth coaching you'll receive is truly transformative.

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November 30, 2023 by Anonymous

Benjamin was exactly what I needed in acing a Pl role in BCG SEAsia. Benjamin was very thorough in testing problem solving skills and I always felt that after every session I was given clear and actionable feedback that I could work on. Benjamin’s cases were to the point and suited to my experience. He not only supported me in cases but also helped me during the offer process and in choosing between my current firm and the new offer.

If you are looking for the right variety of cases, a solid approach and framework coach as well post-interview support Benjamin is your guy.

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