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Breaking into McKinsey

Unearth your personal 'spike'
Leverage proprietary resources
Ace McKinsey Cases & PEI
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We will have 5x fully customizable sessions together that typically last 80-90min - no cut-off at 60min! Ask about discounts for a different number of sessions

What does my coaching look like?

Breaking into McKinsey is not an easy feat! However, I will help you to do so as I have with many other candidates who secured their offers from the #1 firm.

Why did all these other candidates and why should you work with me? Because I’ll help you become unstoppable!

  • Confidence: I guarantee a completely different level of confidence after working with me because you'll know exactly what to do when the interviews come!
  • Performance: A mindset grounded in confidence will allow you to excel in your cases and impress in your PEI interviews and avoid all the mistakes that people with a generic preparation make!

The effectiveness of my approach breaks down into 3 areas:

  • Tailor made: My entire approach is based on your unique circumstances with regards to your goals, needs, skills, etc. This also includes unearthing your personal spike, which is something McKinsey will be looking for. That being said, there are some things that 90% of all candidates get wrong and I will share with you some simple yet fundamental and impactful tips that will rapidly change your performance.
  • Insider experience: I know the process inside out as a former McKinsey consultant, case coach, and official interviewer who not only knows exactly what other interviewers are looking for but also how to acquire those skills. All the cases I use are exactly as you would expect them at McKinsey, which is something you will not find in any of the myriads of misleading academic and commercial resources out there.
  • Efficiency: I try to outsource as much content as possible and will provide proprietary material that guides your preparation and skill-building for cases and PEI, so we can focus on the essentials during our sessions. In addition, I offer an open line of communication through WhatsApp, where we can bounce ideas/questions/comments forth and back between sessions.

Therefore, if you're about to interview with McKinsey, enquire about my program and availability!

About Moritz

Premium + Coaching Expert
Content Creator
ex-McKinsey EM & Interviewer | 7/8 offer rate for 4+ sessions | 90min sessions with FREE exercises & videos

I have the experience of living in 9 countries and transitioning my 9+ years professional career multiple times from technical expert to generalist at a Senior Manager level:

Consulting career: I worked for 2.5 years at McKinsey & Company up to JEM level (Experienced Hire) and part of the local Recruiting Team until August 2021. I was an official candidate coach and interviewer, including all associated training and “secret” insights

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November 20, 2022 by Jannis

This is how Moritz helped me to secure an offer with McKinsey:

Before even starting to work with Moritz, he called me on Whatsapp to explain his method and to find out whether and how he could help me. At no point did I feel like Moritz tried to sell me something. This left a very good first impression with me which is why I then decided to purchase the package.

His method:
1. Targeted preparation of the fit part
Moritz quickly pointed out that while most candidates are very well prepared for the case part of the interview, many neglect the at least equally important PEI part. Moritz helped me to choose all of my stories and even read and went through them with me one by one. Particularly helpful was his method of storytelling: conveying your story in a compelling way that bolts your interviewer to their chair. Like this, I could enter the interviews with a calm mind, knowing that my stories would cater to the expectations of the interviewer and there wouldnt be any surprises. Interestingly, the PEI part is infamous for interviewers asking many questions and drilling down. In my case, I could just tell my stories calmy with very few interruptions; thanks to Moritz´ preparation.

2. Targeted preparation of McKinsey style cases
Secondly, of course, we did a few cases together. Besides getting feedback about your performance and things you can improve on there were two even more important aspects that really helped me: First, having done a case with an Ex McK interviewer, you will know exactly what to expect and how McKinsey cases work (a feeling other candidates on preplounge cant get you). Secondly, receiving positive feedback will immensely boost your confidence, another thing that shouldnt be underrated as in the case interview your communication skills and delivery matter just as much.

3. Highly motivating
Moritz always had a very positve attitude and really motivated me to enter the interviews with a good feeling instead of feeling anxious and not knowing what to expect. He was really good at eliminating any doubts I had about the case performance or the PEI part. Entering with that kind of mindset into the interviews actually made them really fun in the end.

4. 24/7 Avaialbility
Lastly, Moritz was always available. Considering that there is a lot more going on in his life than preplounge coaching, I was amazed how even on the weekend he would take his time to answer any questions or dispel any doubts that I had. A huge thank you for that!

As you can see, I can honestly recommend Moritz´ package!

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September 30, 2023 by Cornelius

I took coaching sessions with Moritz to practice both casing and PEI sessions in preparation for my McKinsey interviews.

His coaching was extremely helpful in the following ways:

Coaching sessions:
As an ex-interviewer at McKinsey, Moritz has a lot of experience in assessing candidates' case performance. We started by going through the general concept of McKinsey cases and then practiced multiple cases together. His detailed and personalized feedback was invaluable, thanks to his experience as an ex-interviewer and his genuine interest in my success.

PEI sessions:
Moritz reviewed my PEI stories individually, which was extremely helpful in improving both the overall structure and the narrative of each story. As in the case sessions, his experience as a coach and ex-consultant greatly enhanced the quality of my PEI stories.

Moritz is genuinely invested in the success of his mentees, which sets him apart from many other coaches. His sessions are tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. I was impressed by his constant availability, as he was quick to answer any questions between our coaching sessions.

His honest feedback and input not only improved my overall casing/PEI performance but also boosted my confidence for the actual interview day. This was crucial, as my confidence helped me stay calm and focused during my interviews, something that interviewers will value highly. Overall, I highly recommend Moritz´ coaching as a way to increase your chances of success when applying to McKinsey.

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January 12, 2023 by Abdellah

If you are looking for a way to develop your technical and soft skills to get into Mckinsey, understand the specifics of the process and the expectations of your interviewers: you are in the right place and are one click and one message away from achieving your goal!

Moritz has been an exceptional coach, he seeks to understand what you need and who you are to accompany you by designing a coaching that will suit you and allow you to succeed.
Moritz took the time to explain to me the major differences between Mckinsey and other consulting firms, deconstructed the bad habits I had developed for interviewee-led cases, and taught me a clear and effective method for meeting Mckinsey's expectations.

We started the casing prep with a thorough review of my answers after each question for me to have feedback on elements I recalled vividly which helped me improve my understanding of the firm's expectations, the elements I had to improve, and the - numerous - things I had to stop doing. We then were able to go through full cases in real-case situations. To fine-tune the preparation, we decided on specific types of questions/framework exercises I wanted to go through.

Regarding the PEI preparation, I first started by sharing my stories. His innovative method regarding this exercise - I advise you not to neglect it by the way - allowed me to reorganize my thoughts distinctively and effectively. We then fine-tuned the stories by making them more personal and captivating than the "one note" STAR method all the other candidates usually use.

Last…but certainly not least! Apart from his in-depth knowledge of both PEI and casing, Moritz is a fundamentally kind and human coach who was available throughout my whole process. He was able to answer my questions in moments of doubt and hesitation and boost my confidence until the day I got the answer. I am really happy to have met him and I wish you will too.

Thank you Moritz for helping me get my dream offer. I am so excited to start this new journey!

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