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Becoming Unstoppable - Breaking into McK
  • Leverage proprietary resources
  • Unearth your personal 'spike'
  • Ace McKinsey Cases & PEI
Resume Review
  • Book a 30 minutes resume review
  • Send Moritz your CV beforehand
  • Get detailed feedback and tips

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My Approach
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Who should contact me?

Your goal is to get an offer from an MBB firm and you feel like you´re not quite there yet? Let me get your there, no matter where you are in your consulting journey and whether you´re an undergraduate, MBA, or experienced professional.

Why should anyone get an expert coach?

Most candidates´ performance is 80% there, which falls short of MBB expectations. Unfortunately, the remaining 20% are usually the hardest to develop through peer practice (believe me, I´ve been there). I worked at McKinsey as a consultant, interview coach, and interviewer, and know what it takes to get candidates to 100%.

What is my approach?

As an experienced coach who knows very well what it´s like to sit on both sides of the table, I learned what´s really important: (1) Decluttering candidates´ approach, which is typically trying to incorporate too much from too many sources, and (2) using the interview as a means to building a great connection with the interviewer. Sounds easy enough and is actually entirely achievable with the right guidance and attitude.

  • Cases: Forget about frameworks and let me help you internalize structured thinking and top down communication and you´ll be unstoppable
  • PEI: Personality interviews are the greatest and most misunderstood opportunity for candidates to shine, so let me help you win people over with great story telling (hint: dramatic curve)

Who am I?

I have the experience of living in 9 countries and transitioning my 9+ years professional career multiple times from technical expert to generalist at a Senior Manager level:

  • Consulting career: I worked for 2.5 years at McKinsey & Company up to JEM level (Experienced Hire) and part of the local Recruiting Team until August 2021. I was an official candidate coach and interviewer, including all associated training and “secret” insights
  • Current role: I currently work as a Senior Business Development Manager at a large Danish trading company
  • Past career: I used to work as a Petroleum Geoscientist in the Oil & Gas industry for 6+ years, prior to transitioning my career
  • Education: MBA from ESADE Business School in Barcelona, Spain & Msc in Petroleum Geoscience from University of Aberdeen, UK

Most importantly, however, I have become a passionate coach who has great empathy for the struggles one goes through in their professional lives and I genuinely want to help people.

Moritz's Coaching Package
Becoming Unstoppable - Breaking into McK
Includes 5 sessions
Leverage proprietary resources
Unearth your personal 'spike'
Ace McKinsey Cases & PEI

**We will have 5x fully customizable sessions together that typically last 75-90min - no cut-off at 60min! Ask about discounts for a different number of sessions**


Breaking into McKinsey is not an easy feat! However, I will help you to do so as I have with many other candidates who secured their offers from the #1 firm.

Why did all these other candidates and why should you work with me? Because I’ll help you become unstoppable!

  • Confidence: I guarantee a completely different level of confidence after working with me because you'll know exactly what to do when the interviews come!
  • Performance: A mindset grounded in confidence will allow you to excel in your cases and impress in your PEI interviews and avoid all the mistakes that people with a generic preparation make!

The effectiveness of my approach breaks down into 3 areas:

  • Tailor made: My entire approach is based on your unique circumstances with regards to your goals, needs, skills, etc. This also includes unearthing your personal spike, which is something McKinsey will be looking for. That being said, there are some things that 90% of all candidates get wrong and I will share with you some simple yet fundamental and impactful tips that will rapidly change your performance.
  • Insider experience: I know the process inside out as a former McKinsey consultant, case coach, and official interviewer who not only knows exactly what other interviewers are looking for but also how to acquire those skills. All the cases I use are exactly as you would expect them at McKinsey, which is something you will not find in any of the myriads of misleading academic and commercial resources out there.
  • Efficiency: I try to outsource as much content as possible and will provide proprietary material that guides your preparation and skill-building for cases and PEI, so we can focus on the essentials during our sessions. In addition, I offer an open line of communication through WhatsApp, where we can bounce ideas/questions/comments forth and back between sessions.

Therefore, if you're about to interview with McKinsey, enquire about my program and availability!


Ultimately, the focus and content for all sessions is customizable! However, a typical program with me looks like this:

Pre-Session 1 - “Interview theory”

Nothing beats actual practice - but it gets so much better with a bit of targeted upfront learning! Hence, I will send you my proprietary guide before our 1st session, which includes a systematic breakdown of the McKinsey interview. In this guide, I am laying out the different elements of PEI & cases with key success factors that will have an impact on your performance even before our 1st session together. This includes:

  • How to select the right story for PEI
  • The #1 tool for telling the right story in the right way that gives you high scores
  • What to brace for in the PEI interview
  • Purpose of interviewer-led case interviews
  • Different types of questions and what skills they test
  • Key success factors for each case element e.g. how to build great structures and fill them with great ideas

Please note that you cannot get this guide anywhere else at this point!

Session 1 - Identifying gaps & spikes (Case + PEI)

In this session, we will run through a PEI example + case as you would expect in a real interview. The purpose is to baseline your performance with regards to the dimensions that McKinsey is scoring and identify two things:

  • Gaps: All candidates have gaps relative to a theoretical top performance across all dimensions for cases + PEI. Moreover, you may have some deficiencies with regards to criteria that aren’t explicitly scored but likely influence the interviewer.
  • Spikes: Being above average across all dimensions may not be enough. You will need a spike i.e. distinctive performance in one or more dimensions.

Once I have identified your gaps and spike(s), I will help you focus your practice with a preparation plan that is individual to you. The objective is to close those gaps and unearth your spike and make it shine.

Session 2+3+4 - Closing gaps & unearthing spikes (Case)

In these sessions, we will run through 1x case each, exactly as you would expect it during a real interview with regards to format, content, and delivery. You will receive detailed and evidence-based feedback, which includes your overall performance score i.e. pass/fail.

Session 5 - Closing gaps & unearthing spikes (PEI)

In this session, we will go through your polished PEI examples, for which you received a hugely impactful guide prior to - and feedback in - Session 1. You will receive detailed and evidence-based feedback, which includes your overall performance score i.e. pass/fail.

Post session 5 - Getting in the zone

After our last session, we will maintain close contact to get you in the zone for your upcoming interviews. I am invested in your success and will do everything I can to get you that offer! Hence, I will try and help you with any questions, concerns, etc. you may have.

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