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Student project / Written Case / Presentation

Deliver presentations like a Pro
3 coaching sessions + consulting research
Fully Tailored to your needs
USD 559

Master the art of professional business presentations!

Over the years, I have helped dozens of coachees with their student projects and written cases from a variety of different topics, such as, digital transformation, strategic turnaround, M&A, new market entry and from a variety of industries like financial services, airlines, manufacturing, consumer goods, online market place, among others.

And as the saying goes, "Give someone a fish, and you feed them for a day. Teach someone how to fish, and you feed them for life." My goal is to give you the tools and teach you how to do it so you'll complete every following projects of that kind on your own.

A typical student project/written case requires a presentation that takes 25-30 minutes and has 6-8 slides. However, I have also worked on some that required an hour to present and had 20+ slides

The package shown here includes 3 sessions. If your project only requires work on presentation (how to develop slides and how to present), then you can get my standard session as that should be enough to cover those topics.

If on the other hand your project is in any way atypical and requires more work than this package contains, please reach out so we can discuss details.

Plan for the sessions:

1st session - Intro and planning

We'll spend the first session discussing/planning the case scope, what exactly has to be done and how to do it.

2nd session - Work in progress

During this session we'll share our data and analysis and make sure everything is going in the right direction.

3rd session - Final touches

Mock Presentation, where I pretend to be an interviewer/lecturer and ask you challenging questions about the subject matter and then give you feedback on your answers' quality.

About Casper

Premium + Coaching Expert
Content Creator
1st session: -50% | Best Price/Value | Free Intro calls | Ex-Bain, Big4 Recruiter |11 years of coaching | All time zones

I am a former EY-Parthenon (EY, Ernst & Young) and Bain consultant passionate about helping candidates navigate and succeed in their recruitment efforts. Benefit from my experience of coaching 400+ candidates, 2200+ completed coaching sessions and 6+ years of professional working experience from a consultancy led by ex-McKinsey's Engagement Managers where I recruited and interviewed hundreds of people. I have successfully coached candidates applying for all positions and having all possible experience levels - from summer interns all the way to senior managers and from exactly 0 years of professional or educational business experience all the way to expert hires with 10-20 years of relevant experience under their belts. Because of that I can rate your performance when compared and contrasted to a wide range of high-performing interviewees. My success rate measured as at least 1 job offer secured for candidates who practiced with me 5+ sessions is above 91%

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