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Tailored coaching package by Casper
  • Comprehensive Case + Fit Prep
  • You can customize every aspect
  • Extended sessions (5 x 2h)
Tailored coaching package XL by Casper
  • Comprehensive Case + Fit Prep
  • You can customize every aspect
  • Extended sessions (10 x 2h)
Resume Review
  • Book a 30 minutes resume review
  • Send Casper your CV beforehand
  • Get detailed feedback and tips

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My Approach
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-50% discount for the 1st session for 10 new coachees every month! (Or alternatively 2-for-1: buy one session at the standard price and get 2 hours of coaching. Please reach out first about this promo)

I am a former EY-Parthenon (EY, Ernst & Young) and Bain consultant passionate about helping candidates navigate and succeed in their recruitment efforts.


Benefit from my experience of coaching 600+ candidates, 3500+ completed coaching sessions and 6+ years of professional working experience from a consultancy led by ex-McKinsey's Engagement Managers where I recruited and interviewed hundreds of people. I have successfully coached candidates applying for all positions and having all possible experience levels - from summer interns all the way to senior managers and from exactly 0 years of professional or educational business experience all the way to expert hires with 10-20 years of relevant experience under their belts. Because of that I can rate your performance when compared and contrasted to a wide range of high-performing interviewees. My success rate measured as at least 1 job offer secured for candidates who practiced with me 5+ sessions is above 91%.


Based on my background and extensive experience of being on the both sides of the consulting interview process, I can give you an advantage during your interviews. I am a tough interviewer but one who is kind and honest in providing a thorough assessment of your skills and an actionable improvement plan with no sugar-coating. As your coach, I am not going to always tell you what you want to hear, but I will always tell you what you need to hear.

Those days almost every candidate knows that same one method how to solve cases due to growing availability of generic materials such as Victor Cheng and Case in Point. To succeed and get offers, learn how to distinguish yourself while staying at the same time within accepted frames.

Here are specific examples of what I can help you with:


- Practice on REAL cases from McKinseyBCG/Bain

- Understand what needs to be done at every step of an interview - from the moment interviewer introduces you to the case till you provide the final recommendation.

- Learn how to take notes, what kind of questions should be asked in clarification, how to effectively develop and present the issue tree and how to structure the recommendation

- Know unique approaches for solving cases and what are cliches and typical mistakes made my average candidates

- Practice the most challenging, atypical and tough last round cases

- Get advanced tips and tricks - how to shift gears during the case, what to do if you got stuck, how to build rapport with interviewer etc.

- Recognize the best resources and what to avoid from popular materials (Victor Cheng, Case in Point, etc)


- Get comprehensive preparation for Fit.

- Be able to anticipate the hardest fit questions and know how to approach them in an optimal, time-efficient manner

- Understand what recruiters are looking for (skill set, attitude, past experience), what's their selection rationale and what kind of things commonly mentioned by candidates you should avoid saying

- Grasp the differences across various companies (e.g. Bain Interview Approach vs McKinsey interview approach)


- Learn how to develop an effective CV/CL

- Understand what recruiters look for when assessing those documents

- Know how to compensate for low GPA - Been there, done that: I got invitations for interviews from basically all top consultancies I applied for despite graduating from a relatively unknown univeristy with not that high GPA

In addition I can share with you math tests, PST materials and casebooks that will help you hone your math skills whie practicing on your own. I will also develop for you the most efficient action plan for your preparations so you can maximize your chances of getting that dream job. Before each session we will discuss your precise needs so to maximize your take away from it and I will be at your disposal after the session ends in case some additional questions will come to your mind later.


I am an entrepreneur, father and former EY-Parthenon senior consultant. I also interned at Bain in the summer of 2012. I left consulting and moved to the Philippines to pursue my dream of building an eco-friendly beach resort on a paradise island for my family. I provide pro bono career advisory for aspiring youth from the most impoverished parts of the Philippines. As I live in a developing country with very low costs of living and extremely favorable currency exchange rates I can offer prices that would be hard to match for coaches with similar level of experience living in the developed world. Please take a moment to read dozens of positive references left below by candidates coached by me on PrepLounge.

Casper's Coaching Package
Tailored coaching package by Casper
Includes 5 sessions
Comprehensive Case + Fit Prep
You can customize every aspect
Extended sessions (5 x 2h)

The package shown here includes 5 sessions, each of them 2h long (1h case + 1h fit, 2h cases, 2h fit - up to you to choose).

I have found that number of hours to be optimal for most candidates, however it could potentially be increased/decreased based on your specific needs. If you are interested in that pleaae reach out for more details.

I want this package to be tailored exactly to your needs: what companies do you target, where are you right now in your preparation process and what are your current weakest points. The goal is to make you a fully prepared candidate in 2-3 weeks(assuming standard pace for someone with job and other commitments, it could be shorten if you're available to practice every day).

Here’s suggested format for a beginner-level coachee:

1st session - during the 1st hour we’ll perform diagnostic of your case solving skills. You will get a long case* that touches upon several important areas(profits, market entry, challenging math, etc.). No time limit, so you can fully focus on solving the case in the best way you can. The goal here is for me to understand exactly what are your current strenghts and weaknesses, so I can design for you the most efficient plan to move forward.

* one of the cases that I have already given to 50+ other candidates at your level of experience in order to compare your performance to this large batch.

During the 2nd hour we’ll in turn perform diagnostic of your ability to answer various fit interview questions. I’ll ask you questions favored by companies that you target (for example McKinsey’s PEI) as well as some less common questions asked by partners during final rounds that are known to give a lot of troubles to interviewees(the purpose of those is to show you in full what you can expect during fit part).

2nd-5th session - based on your current level of preparedness those sessions can have a mock interview format where we’ll simulate fit and case* exactly as it’s going to happen during real interviews or they can have more of a coaching session format with more of a discussion about best/worst practices. No matter the chosen format you’ll get cases and fit questions that will specifically target weakest points identified. After each session we will discuss your progress and how do you feel about it in order to develop the best way forward for you. Each of those sessions will last at least 2 hours**.

*If for example you’ll be much better answering fit questions than solving cases then we could customize sessions to focus more on cases than fit

**If for some reasons you are unable to find 2h time slots in your schedule it could be possible to break our sessions into 1h each. Even in this setting our sessions won’t have any time-constrain from my side. Each one will last as long as you will have questions to ask

On top of that:

In addition I will share with you 70+ casebooks, numerical tests and PST materials that will help you practice on your own and hone your case and math solving skills.

I have a library of hundreds of real life cases that have been given to candidates at top consultancies. 

I will remain at your disposal even after the completion of all 6 sessions so you’ll be able to reach out to me whenever some additional questions will come to your mind later.

Our sessions could also include:

  • Coaching on how to network with current consultants in order to secure referrals
  • Review of your resume and cover letter with guidance on how you improve your documents(if needed after every session)
  • Stress tests - assessment of how you perform when an interviewer is unfriendly or even hostile
  • Behind the scenes - discussion on how interviewers decide who to invite to the next rounds/give an offer
  • Consulting lifestyle - discussion on how it is to be a consultant

Let me know if you have any additional questions regarding that package!

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December 24, 2020 by Rachel

As an experienced candidate facing a case interview for the first time in years, this package has been fantastic! I don't have a lot of time to prep & and needed to be able to focus spending that time on maximum-return items, so I appreciated being able to pull in help regarding determining materials to review. Additionally, the time we've spent actually conducting case interviews has been invaluable to my progress. I'd heavily recommend this coaching package if you're looking to ramp up quickly.

3 users found this review helpful.
October 14, 2023 by Anonymous

Challenging cases with great feedback. I got this package six days before a superday for my top choice. Before Casper, my only casing experience was four awful practice cases a couple months prior. In just eight cases with Casper, I transformed from a complete noob to a confident caser. I wouldn't have passed the superday and gotten my internship without Casper's help!

1 user found this review helpful.
March 20, 2023 by Anonymous

Casper is an amazing case interview coach. I was looking for someone experienced to help with some final fine-tuning and Casper did an amazing job at that.

His cases were the best I've seen (super challenging and nuanced with lots of great learnings), plus his feedback was direct, impactful, and highly actionable. On the fit side, his experience as an interviewer really shone through and he was able to give very helpful suggestions to bring my answers to the next level. Finally, he's always super flexible in scheduling sessions and in helping out (such as reviewing my application materials).

If you are looking for a case coach, look no further than Casper!

1 user found this review helpful.

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