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Master Final Round & Partner Interviews

Prep with real ex Jr. Partner
Master the Final Round
Proven Strategies for Success
USD 1,476 USD 799

  • Session 1 (60min) Partner Mock Interview: Real partner style E2E interview experience covering behavioral and case followed by an in-depth feedback and realistic evaluation of your performance. The initial mock-interview is critical to tailor the following coaching sessions for your ultimate learning curve.
  • Session 2 (60min) Advanced Case Structuring Techniques: Building on the initial training, this session will cover advanced case structuring techniques, such as hypothesis-driven problem-solving and mastering non-traditional case questions often used by partners.
  • Session 3 (30min) Chart Reading & Creativity: In this session, you will master charts, graphs, and other visual aids commonly used in partner cases. You will also learn how to think conceptually and use creativity to solve complex problems.
  • Session 4 (30min) Math & Judgement: In this session, you will learn how to use quantitative problem solving techniques to master numerical case questions. Additionally, you will also learn how to make sound business judgments and synthesize case insights - a top skill required for final round interviews.
  • Session 5 (60min) Advanced Behavioral Interviewing: We will cover advanced behavioral interviewing techniques, including how to answer more complex questions and how to showcase your skills and experience around core experience dimensions.

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Master Final Round & Partner Interviews
USD 799 USD 1,476
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About Frederic

Content Creator
ex Jr. Partner McKinsey |Senior Interviewer| Real Feedback & Free Homework between sessions|Harvard Coach|10+ Experience

Coach Frederic is an accomplished professional with a >10 years of experience in the consulting industry. As an ex-Junior Partner at McKinsey and a former Senior Interviewer, he brings a unique perspective and firsthand experience to his coaching program. With a Harvard degree and a proven track record as a performance coach and mentor, Coach Frederic is dedicated to helping you succeed. He offers a unique perspective into the interview process, tailoring your application to screening priorities and sharing what it takes to pass interviews. With a focus on your satisfaction, he ensures that you receive the necessary support and guidance. Coach Frederic goes beyond securing a consulting offer, preparing you for the fast-paced and high-performance environment of the job. He offers mentoring post-interviews and assists in your transition to a consulting career. His services encompass a wide range of areas, including case structuring, creativity and brainstorming, chart reading, analytics and quantitative skills, as well as PEI/Experience/Fit questions. He provides free homework trainings to reinforce learning and offers career counseling, referrals, and assistance with CV and cover letter review. Trust Coach Frederic to help you excel in your consulting aspirations.

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July 22, 2023 by Leo

I got an offer from McKinsey!!

I recently had the opportunity to engage in a coaching package for McKinsey with Frederic, and I must say that it has been an invaluable experience. Frederic's deep understanding of the interview process and criteria was the most significant aspect of the coaching package.

When it came to the problem-solving portion of the interviews, Frederic provided clear guidance on what to expect and what the interviewers were specifically looking for. His ability to break down complex scenarios and demonstrate the desired approach was extremely helpful in preparing me for this critical component.

In addition, Frederic and I worked collaboratively on the Personal Experience Interview (PEI) portion, where we crafted stories that aligned with all five dimensions. Frederic's expertise in this area was evident, as one of my stories resonated so well with an Associate Partner during the first round that no clarifying questions were needed. This positive feedback boosted my confidence and reassured me that I was on the right track.

One of the standout qualities of Frederic is his approachability and responsiveness. Whenever I had questions or needed assistance, he promptly provided guidance and support via WhatsApp. His availability and willingness to help were truly commendable and contributed to a seamless coaching experience.

I wholeheartedly recommend Frederic's coaching package for anyone aspiring to succeed in the rigorous interview process at McKinsey. His expertise, approachability, and commitment to ensuring his clients' success make him an exceptional coach. I am incredibly grateful for the support and guidance Frederic has provided.

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July 01, 2024 by Anonymous

This package is the best for McKinsey applicants - I have tried multiple coaches on the site (even from the McK specialists) - Frederic is the best one. He has legitimate partner level experience and he will teach you to talk and think and approach problems like one. I am a 2 year consultant at a major global firm and Frederic has done more to develop my consulting toolkit than month long projects with a global Tier 2 firm!

1) Excellent development for PEI - Frederic knows exactly *how* to communicate for the PEI example and he will help you craft excellent stories to shine in your interview

2) Qualitative problem solving - probably the most difficult or hard to nail portion of the entire interview - You will learn how to approach the various qualitative portions - especially brainstorming and also frameworks!! - from the right way without seeming like a generic candidate and consistently generating real insights for the cases

3) Business Judgement - To succeed in your interviews you need to also have real business judgement to support your claims and ideas - Frederic will get the best out of you here. This is a skill that separates good from great on interviews and he is going to develop you for it!

4) Talk like a consultant - If thinking like a real McK consultant wasn't enough, Frederic will also guide your basic communication skills to talk like you belong at the firm, he is definitely the most senior level package available and it shows!

I went from having 0 confidence to 100% confidence with this package - its completely different when you are already interviewing with a potential final round interview level (Frederic is Jr. Partner former, which are always for last round interviews, never before) before you even walked into your first round!

Do not look any further - this package is the real deal

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January 04, 2024 by Sana

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