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I find that candidates know what to do, but struggle to execute.  Most candidates need help to develop their own thoughts (no more structure for the sake of structure!) and then communicate them in a way that allows for quick demonstration of a hypothesis and quickly moving toward testing it, all while having a good conversation with the interviewer!  Usually, 1-2 sessions is all it takes.

If this sounds like a compelling approach, please be in touch.

How did I develop my approach to case interviews?  Since I came to McKinsey as an experienced hire, well after I completed my MBA, I've amassed years of experience both failing and then finally succeeding at case interviews. I finally started to use my own judgement and problem-solving skills instead of just focusing on "what they want to hear."

How do I know it works?  I interviewed close to 100 candidates during my 5 years of interviewing at McKinsey, so I know what good looks like.  Also, I gave each person the feedback they deserved, and many were able to use that to obtain offers in final rounds.

How do I know I can coach?  Firstly, I really enjoy it.  Secondly, I've obtained some great feedback from my clients here on PrepLounge.  See my reviews for yourself!  Thirdly, my clients follow-up with me when they get an offer and thank me.


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