Digital entrepreneur turned BCG consultant // Coach with focus on PEI
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Nailing your interviews consists in being a top performer (top 1%) in:

  1. Presenting yourself (PEI)
  2. Solving a case (Problem solving)

Although the case resolution lasts longer, it is extremely important to master both parts of the interviews.

Most candidates focus only on case practice, but it is only one component of getting an offer. It is extremely important to nail PEI as well. Most coaches will only focus on the case resolution practice as well. They are definitely right. It takes a lot of practice to solve cases. 

 On my end, I focus on both personal interview and case interviews.

I am offering 3 types of coachings in French and English:

  • 1:1 coaching: one full interview with 15 mins personal questions and 45 mins case prep. Full feedback given on both parts of the interview.
  • Personal interview:
    • how do you answer "tell me about yourself"?
    • how to use the SCAR model the right way?
    • what methodology can you always use when answering a personal question?
  • Specific sessions:
    • ​General
      • how do you make a perfect intro?
      • how do you use frameworks the right way?
      • what does a good conclusion looks like?
      • how do you make sure to keep contact with your interviewer?
    • Specific
      • Framework pitching
      • Graph reading
      • Quantitative questions
    • Frameworks (15):
      1. Profitability
      2. Growth
      3. Market entry
      4. Product launches
      5. Cost reduction
      6. M&A / PE
      7. Pricing
      8. Investment
      9. Competitive answer
      10. Digital transformation
      11. Human capital
      12. Process optimization
      13. Government / public infrastructure
      14. Non Profit / RSE
      15. Stakeholders


  • Prior to consulting: I have 10 years of professional experience after graduating from a top business school in France. After a few years in Private Equity, I built 3 succesful companies in Marketing (which was acquired), eCommerce and Consulting.
  • First quarter 2020: went through the full process at McKinsey and BCG. Picked an offer from BCG.



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