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The MBB Case Interview School
  • Comprehensive case training
  • Focusses on all key skills
  • Includes free document review

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All cases that we will practice are real interview cases, based on my own case experience and tested in live interviews. When you work with me, you will profit from my extensive experience in life interviews (100+ interviews with candidates ranging from interns over Associate Consultants to Consultants). Together, we will focus on 3 aspects:

  • Learning the basics: I will teach you the critical skills you need to develop to crack any case effectively. This ranges from little hacks that make your life easier to the best strategy for combining off-the-shelf frameworks with your own intuition to develop even better-suited frameworks specifically for each case you are confronted with.
  • Building the mileage: Only with real practice will you develop the confidence that it takes to remain calm in a high-stress situation and solve the case. I will give you feedback based on the evaluation frameworks we use at Bain to give you a better understanding of what interviewers are looking for. I will be honest and straight forward in my feedback to give you the chance to identify development opportunities and work on them systematically.
  • Preparing the fit: I will help you prepare for the fit part of the recruiting process. Although this is more 'fluffy' than the case part, there are important Do's and Don’ts that you need to be aware of to make sure you can highlight your personality traits that show that you are a perfect fit!
Hennings Coaching-Paket
The MBB Case Interview School
Beinhaltet 5 Sessions
Comprehensive case training
Focusses on all key skills
Includes free document review

This coaching package will be tailored to your needs: Every candidate’s needs are different. The sessions below are a suggestion based on my experience with coaching a large number of candidates.  Together, we will adjust and tailor this coaching package to make you will get the most out of it, instead going through a standardized package that does not consider your needs. During a (free of charge) kick-off, we can discuss your specific needs for your coaching and then tailor the approach specifically to the firms you apply to, your current level of preparation and your time constraints.

  1. Session 1: Diagnostic
    • ​We’ll kick off our work with a diagnostic of your current preparedness; this will help us tailor and refine the practice during the coming weeks\
    • Case: Corporate jet
  2. Session 2: MECE frameworks
    • During this case, we’ll focus on the development of MECE frameworks to structure the case. This skill will make or break your case delivery
    • Case: Appliances (Private Equity)
  3. Session 3: Driving the case
    • This session will focus on taking control over the case and driving it through your framework. This is critical for candidate-led cases and one of the key skills that separate good from great candidates
    • Case: Smart glasses
  4. Session 4: FIT training / Wild card
    • Based on our diagnostic case and your needs we’ll either focus on FIT preparation or a specific skill for which I’ll suggest a fitting case
    • Case: TBD
  5. Session 5: Dress rehearsal
    • ​​You will apply all of your skills acquired until then and rock the dress rehearsal just before your actual interviews!
    • Case: Heavy lifting


The most effective approach is to schedule one session per week for a total of 5 weeks. In between the sessions, you should continue practicing with other candidates and focus on the recommendations that I give you at the end of our sessions.

If you prefer a different number of sessions, either more or less, please reach out to me and I can make you a more specific offer!

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4. Januar 2021 von Leon

Henning has been integral in getting my full-time offer at Bain and has indirectly helped my girlfriend get a full-time offer from McKinsey. His advice has been on point, it’s not about doing 40+ cases, it’s about doing 20+ cases well. Henning has helped me throughout the process including after getting the offer. He was always ready to answer quick questions and didn’t mind if the session ran over by a few minutes. I’d highly recommend Henning for anyone trying to get into MBB.

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23. November 2020 von Alexander

Henning is one of the most respectful and knowledgable interviewers out there, with this package providing a solid foundation for anyone's studies!

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