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Strategy& PwC Interview

Jemand fragte am 26. Jun 2016 - 1 Antwort

Hey folks,

does anyone have experience with the interview process at Strategy& in Germany or Switzerland? What were the case studies about and what was the topic of the presentation (which has to be prepared at the office)? Would be very grateful for any hints.

Anonym B antwortete am 22. Jul 2016

First, it's Strategy&, not Strategy& PwC. The Interviews were quite tough, the cases were identical to the other top consultancies. The ones I had were a profitability case that centered around a retailer having problems with its distribution strategy. The second one was a case within the automotive industry and was about growth scenarios in the field of connected driving, the third case was about a possible plant relocation and market entry to an Eastern Europe country.

The presentation was in front of two partners (or one principal and one partner? Cannot remember their ranks exactly), for the presentation you get a bunch of info material you have to read through and prepare an executive summary, which is then presented to the interviewers. For me this was the hardest part of the interview as you cannot really prepare it.