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New to Consultancy

Anonym A fragte am 4. Jul 2019 - 2 Antworten

I am from oil and gas engineering with UK master´s. Been some time (years) without work and care to switch to management consultancy. Every time I apply online I get rejected despite of good (maybe irrelevent) skills and qualifications. What´s your recommendations?

Also, did anyone manage to do bad in Oliver Wyman online test and went to interview nonetheless and got the job?

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Hi Anonymous,

it is really difficult to give you suggestions without further information. In general, the reasons why you get rejected may be related to:

  • Skills and qualification not matching a strategy job
  • Lack of top performance in school or significant achievements in job experiences
  • Lack of referrals when applying

I would recommend to get some professional help with your CV and referrals to strengthen your future applications; in terms of referrals you can find some more information at the link below:

For further information please feel free to PM me.



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You need some work experience in order to apply. You should also justify any gap in your resume (Studying, entrepreneurship, etc)

It's really hard to give you advice without seeing your resume. Feel free to send it to me and I'll try to help.



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