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Former McKinsey EM whose clients have a 10x success rate over other applicants | Real McK cases
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I was a McKinsey consultant for 3 years, holding positions as an Associate, Senior Associate, and Engagement Manager, and led APD recruiting. While at McKinsey, I interviewed nearly 100 candidates so I know what it takes to stand out from the crowd. I went through Advanced Professional Degree (non-MBA) recruiting and am an expert in it and the Experienced Hire recruiting process; however, I help candidates from all backgrounds succeed during recruiting and onboarding. I am one of the highest rated advisors on Evisors where I have coached over 250 candidates to success. My clients have received offers from McKinsey's most competitive offices, including New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington, DC, London, and Dubai. I am candid, open, and would love to answer any questions you have about how to get a job in management consulting, the true story of life as a consultant, or how to succeed once you're hired. Let me use my insider perspective to help you get an edge on the competition!


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