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Roland Berger
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Issue tree structuring
Synthesis formulation
Quantitative analysis

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In a nutshell: I have a very intuitive and logical approach to solving cases, which I believe can be applied to any case. Please message me directly to find out more.


About myself

I have extensive experience in conducting real recruiting interviews as a Project Manager. I'm passionate about helping aspiring and new entry consultants succeed, and I'm regularly involved with my firm's recruitment activities. 


What I can offer to you

For aspiring consultants to succeed in both interviews and the actual job itself, I believe it's important to be able to:

  1. Break down the main overarching issue/ problem into several digestible sub-issues or questions
  2. Prioritize the most important elements and issues efficiently 
  3. Transform complex quantitative analysis into solvable mathematical equations
  4. Maintain efficient structure while generating creative ideas/ initiatives deep into the case
  5. Synthesize clear & concise recommendations backed with sound logic and justifications

Points 1-2 are critical for a successful case opening. Points 3-4 are important for thorough and rigorous analyses. Point 5 is vital for clear conclusions and next steps.

I will train you to develop those core consulting skills. I will train you to become familiar with a Top-Down Pyramid Approach, which I believe is the core foundation for any successful case interview. We will use this principle not just for the sake of using it to pass consulting interviews, but because it is typically the most efficient way to solve business problems and communicate your recommendations.

On top of that, I will help you with your communication & presentation skills, covering the key aspects:

  1. Speaking skills (e.g., how to use pauses, how to emphasize on key words/ phrases)
  2. Body language and eye contact 
  3. Pre-interview exercises to put you in the right frame of mind

Generally I'm flexible and not strict with timings (we can go past the hour mark). Sessions can be tailored specifically to your needs (please let me know in advance).

I'm happy to have a 15 minute introductory call (free) to discuss your specific needs and what I can offer, to help you make your decision.

Prior to our first session:

  1. Please send me your CV (if available and you wish to)
  2. Please share with me your target level/ position at consulting firms
  3. Please let me know if you have any specific requirements (e.g., any specific types of case, skills to be tested, etc.)


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