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Case interview prep
Behavioral interview prep
Resume writing

Udayans Angebote

Bewerbungsschreiben für den Consulting-Einstieg von Udayan
  • Schritt-für-Schritt-Erklärungen für jedes Einstiegslevel
  • Formatierungstipps anhand eines echten Beispiels
  • Erstellt von Recruiting-Coach und Ex-McKinsey-Interviewer Udayan
Networking für Consulting von Udayan
  • Ausführlicher Guide zum Networking für die Unternehmensberatung
  • Inklusive LinkedIn- und E-Mail-Vorlagen
  • Umfassende Checklisten für Networking und Verweise
Die pharmazeutische Industrie der USA von Udayan
  • Ein leicht verständlicher und umfassender Guide durch die hochkomplexe pharmazeutische Industrie der USA
  • Infos über das Arzneimittelzulassungsverfahren, Trends und Hauptakteure der Branche
  • Übersichtliche Diagramme und Daten für Dein Case-Interview!
Next Level PEI
  • Learn what makes a great story
  • Craft 3+ high impact stories
  • Practice follow up questions

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I worked at McKinsey for over 6 years and was primarily based out of NYC which is the most competitive office to get into. In the last 10 years I have helped over 200 students and professionals in the United States, China, Europe, India and the UK navigate the interview process and get offers at their desired firms. While I have experience across industries, my main focus is on management consulting roles (e.g. McKinsey, Bain, BCG).


Coaching approach

Based on your need we can cover one or more of the following in a 1 hour session

  • Case Interview - this consists of a full case (45 - 50 mins) and actionable feedback on all areas that are relevant to case performance. I have a detailed rubric I used at McKinsey when interviewing and similar rubrics from Bain and BCG. I will be grading you across all of the metrics identified and at the end of the session we will have identified key strengths, opportunity areas and next steps to improve your performance.
  • PEI - Often the most ignored of all interview skills. If you read reviews of people that got in to MBB they will all mention the importance of PEI especially as you progress to the later stages. I have a comprehensive guide on PEI questions and I know exactly how to work with your experiences and answers to shape them into stories that are impactful. At the end of the session you will learn how to structure your stories in a way that is relevant to the interviewer and you will do so while retaining the authenticity of yourself and your experiences.
  • Drills on any identified weak area - I have many practice drills from real cases that we can do on structuring, reading and analyzing graphs, analysis (math) questions and creativity questions. The best way to improve on a skill is to practice practice practice till you get good at it and I can help you do that in the most effective way.

I will help you discover the best interview strategy for your skill set, so you can stand out and secure an offer.

Additional services that I provide

  • Networking Help - I can help you use the tips and tricks in my guide and get you a referral for the role you want. We will work on crafting the best emails to send out to people and responses to get time on their calendars
  • Resume & Cover Letter Reviews - I provide detailed comments and edits on your resume and cover letter offline followed by a call to go through any questions you have. This is especially helpful if you are starting your recruitment process as a great resume can open many doors, while an unpolished resume or cover letter leaves a poor first impression


*Why me?*

-Top-rated consultant for 5+ years at McKinsey in New York, London and India

-Access to wide range of practice cases to round out your skills

-Honest, direct feedback—I respect your time and commitment

My goal is to provide more than a single one-hour interview training session—I want you to understand your path to success.

-We will tailor the session based on your development needs. Our session will end when your questions are answered and you have certain clarity on the next steps.

-We will stay in touch after the session for last minute advice, free of charge.

*My sessions*

Each interview session consists of three parts:

  1. Full case interview: one to two, depending on your preparation level
  2. Diagnostic: feedback/discussion of your strengths and areas of weakness
  3. Roadmap: Conscience, follow up feedback focusing on concrete next steps

As a bonus: First session will come with a 15 minute critique of either your resume or LinkedIn CV.


Lastly - I have helped MANY people get into MBB in 2020 alone. I am more than happy to provide actual references for you to reach out to should you want to ask about my services as a coach 

Udayans Coaching-Paket
Next Level PEI
Beinhaltet 3 Sessions
Learn what makes a great story
Craft 3+ high impact stories
Practice follow up questions

A significant aspect of consulting is interacting and engaging with clients. To do so, you must have well-developed interpersonal skills. You must be able to communicate effectively, listen to and understand your client's needs, and make recommendations that exceed their expectations. The Personal Experience Interview (PEI) allows your interviewer to measure these fundamental traits and ultimately assess your fitness for their firm.The PEI counts for 50% of your total interview score. Ask anybody who has navigated the consulting interview and they will tell you that the PEI is an absolutely vital part of the process. PEI becomes more important as you progress through interview rounds as the discussion shifts towards how 'client ready' you are and whether you would make a good addition to the team. As your interviewer becomes more comfortable with your case performance, they will start to look for the soft skills that every consultant should have.


We can tailor the 3 sessions to your needs depending on how far along the preparation process you are and what your end goal is. Overall, we will go over the following points in the sessions and can prioritize as needed : 

  • Story selection and feedback on their effectiveness

  • How to structure your answer for maximum impact

  • Worksheet to repeat the process yourself

  • Going deep into the actions you took to resolve the issues and how to effectively communicate them

  • How to deal with follow up questions


I typically work with 1 story at a time, it can easily take up to an hour to piece together a good story, for those at a more advanced stage in their prep we can sometimes do more than one story in a session

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