Unusual Questions

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Problem Definition

  • What books/films have you enjoyed recently and why?
  • What is the worst thing that you have ever gotten away with?
  • How do you define and evaluate successful work?
  • Do you fear anything?
  • How would you rate me as your interviewer?


Every candidate should be prepared for the classics and spend some time to think of answers. The unusual questions challenge the candidate to come up with answers for questions that he has most likely not prepared for. While listening to the answers, keep in mind the two major criteria you have to evaluate:

  • Can I work with this candidate closely in a team every day?
  • Can I send the candidate to a client alone?

Short Solution

Make sure, the candidate follows the three basic rules for personal fit questions:

  • Provision of a clear roadmap: The candidate has time to think of a structured answer.
  • Using distinctive answers: Examples instead of generic answers help to remember a candidate.
  • Using the answer to sell him/herself: The statements should still answer the question, but in a way that the candidate conveys useful skills.

Detailed Solution

What books/films have you enjoyed recently and why?


  • Providing aspects of the film that had an impact on the candidate personally or professionally.
  • Letting the choice of film convey positive aspects of the personality.


  • Stating only the entertainment factor as reason.

What is the worst thing that you have ever gotten away with?


  • Taking time to think of something and realizing that this is a precarious question.
  • Providing a light, anecdotal and a funny story.


  • Stating illegal or unethical actions.
  • Failing to provide a consequence or a take away from this story (regarding the consulting interview or the future).

How do you define and evaluate successful work?


  • Providing a concise answer.
  • Using an example in which the candidate him/herself hat to define and evaluate successful work.
  • Finding the mix between high expectations towards successful work and pragmatic realism.

Do you fear anything?


  • Showing how fear drives the candidate.
  • Showing how fear was overcome.


  • Providing not a real fear.
  • Conveying psychological instabilities and insecurity.

How would you rate me as your interviewer?


  • Providing aspects the candidate liked and disliked and what he/she felt.
  • Stating the reasons from a personal “me” perspective and telling why he/she would have done something different.


  • Correcting the interviewer and stating something as false or incorrect.
  • Being indifferent and having only general points.

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