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Company case by Whiteshield Advisory

Whiteshield Advisory Case: Regulating Artificial Intelligence in the GCC

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Case Prompt

This case is representative of the type of problems that a client might engage Whiteshield to help them with. Before asking you any questions about the case, I will give you the background that you will need. There are several issues that I would like to cover with you today; please do not be surprised if I seem to change topics abruptly. 

The growing prominence of ChatGPT and other potent AI tools has revolutionized technology interactions, facilitating human-like responses and significantly impacting society and various industries. You are advising a member country of the Gulf Cooperation Council on developing a regulatory framework for Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the objective of promoting responsible AI usage and harnessing its benefits. 

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Qualities assessed

  • Structure
  • Substance
  • Analytical breadth and depth


Qualities assessed

  • Creativity
  • Out-of-box thinking
  • Aim to generate at least 5 ideas, better 10

Chart Reading

Qualities assessed

  • Understanding of new concepts
  • Insight generation / hypotheses
  • Synthesis

Quant & Judgement

Qualities assessed

  • Quantitative problem solving
  • Analytical rigor
  • Business judgement and summary
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