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What started out as a one-man company in Munich 1976 is one of the leading strategy consulting firms worldwide today: Roland Berger has over 50 offices in 36 countries.

Roland Berger’s clientele consists of top-notch industry and service companies and public institutions. The consultancy supplies solutions for any question in the spectrum of strategic management and counsels its clients in terms of strategy orientation, implementation of new business concepts or business processes. Also, when it comes to questions on organisational structure or technological strategy, Roland Berger always supplies competent answers.

In cooperation with every client, Roland Berger develops custom-fit concepts which exactly suit the needs of the respective corporation. As a consultant at Roland Berger, you will feel committed to the fundamental values of the company: entrepreneurship, excellence and empathy.

Career at Roland Berger

In order to successfully prove yourself as part of the team of Roland Berger you’ll need personality. The credo in this case is “It’s character that creates impact!” Are you ready to live by this motto? Did you enjoy an academic education and already had a chance to collect international as well as practical experience? Then nothing will stand in the way of your application at Roland Berger.

At the consulting firm, you start off with a kick-off seminar, which will take place over the course of two weeks. Here, you’ll learn more about the enterprise’s philosophy and working processes and of course, meet your new colleagues. Roland Berger offers you excellent opportunities to improve your qualifications and plan your career individually. Courses on management topics and techniques will supply you with the necessary know-how for your everyday work as a consultant and the next level of your career. In addition to that, you will work on your social, personal and leadership skills in advanced training classes.

Company Case

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LumCO, a company producing injection-molded components for lighting applications, has operated successfully in its native European market. The company wants to open up one production facility each in China and the United States and establish their own distribution network in both countries to serve as a hub for the entire region. The products LumCO manufactures can be categorized into Specialties, which are designed and produced by LumCO according to customer specifications (e.g. head lamp casing and lenses in vehicles, luminaires for design lighting applications) and Standards, which encompasses an assortment of components for multiple lighting applications for different industries (fixtures, lenses, luminaires).

Based on the only slight but stable growth outlook in Europe, LumCO is eager to establish the production sites in China and the U.S. as soon as possible and also to begin to distribute their products directly. As a consultant, you are asked by the board of management to assess this plan considering your knowledge of each region and the lighting market in particular.

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