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Oliver Wyman counts among the leading international management consultancies worldwide, with more than 4,000 employees in more than 50 offices in 26 countries. The consulting firm combines distinguished industry specialization with superior methodical competence in process design, strategy development, risk management and organizational structure. Oliver Wyman designs and realizes sustainable growth strategies in close cooperation with their clients. Clients receive support in improving their business models, IT, processes, risk structures and organizational processes, speeding up processes and optimally seizing market potential.

Oliver Wyman is a daughter firm of Marsh & McLennan Companies, a global network of professional service enterprises, which offers consulting and solutions in strategy-, risk- and personal management to their clients. This network employs 57,000 people worldwide and has attained an annual revenue of USD 13 billion.

Career at Oliver Wyman

There are no pre-defined career paths at Oliver Wyman. Primarily, employees are encouraged to grow through the ambition to continuously self-improve personally and professionally. Successful consultants climb the career ladder fast and receive above average compensation. The crucial point is individual effort, which is why the promotion to partner at Oliver Wyman is neither based on your tenure nor your academic degree. How quickly you get more responsibility is solely dependent on your actions.

During the course of your career at Oliver Wyman, you will cooperate with leading corporations and experienced consultants within your teams. You will take part in high-impact projects and develop tailor-made solutions for your client’s problems, getting substantial insights into complex problem-solving and critical business processes. At the same time, you’ll continuously improve your professional skills and expertise en route to becoming a refined professional.

Oliver Wyman appreciates international mobility and intercultural experiences and supports employees who want to work at different company locations. The uncomplicated staff exchange around the globe strengthens the entrepreneurial culture of Oliver Wyman and gives you the chance to gain experience in a multicultural and international office environment.

Company Cases

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Your client, large automotive OEM WyCar, has developed its first fully electric vehicle (EV) and introduced it as a pilot on the Austrian market last year. However, sales have been far below the expected numbers. The management has engaged you to support them in understanding the reasons and advise them on how to adjust the product offering.

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Difficulty: Beginner | Style: Real Case | Topics: Business situation, Operations strategy

TrainCo is a manufacturer of rolling stock, or trains, with production sites in three European countries. The company has seen declining profitability over the past years; however, they are currently in a very good position to bid for and win a big contract for regional trains for a Swiss national rail company. They have asked you advise to them on whether they should place a bid for the contract.

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I’m thinking about setting up a wine cellar in my basement. The way I see it, shelf space would be divided into two sections: (1) a “drinking” section where I store bottles for my own consumption and (2) an “investment” section where I store bottles that I intend to sell at a profit after they appreciate in value several years down the line. The idea is to earn enough money with the “investment” section of the cellar in order to subsidize whatever I consume in the “drinking” section over time.

I'm obviously constrained by several things: the amount of money I am able to spend, the amount of wine I can (or want to) drink, the space available for the cellar, and so on.

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