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Company case by Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman Case: On the Right Track

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Case Prompt

TrainCo is a manufacturer of rolling stock, or trains, with production sites in three European countries. The company has seen declining profitability over the past years; however, they are currently in a very good position to bid for and win a big contract for regional trains for a Swiss national rail company. They have asked you advise to them on whether they should place a bid for the contract.

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I. Background

II. Business case calculation

III. Assessment part 1

III. Assessment part 2

V. Conclusion

Further Questions

Additional discussion topics (optional)

  • Additional costs and aspects which have been neglected, e.g. engineering hours to develop or modify the new train type, testing, additional overhead personnel during the duration of the project
  • Additional income streams to be considered in business case: e.g. maintenance and service after delivery of trains, proceeds from sale of used equipment when closing Swiss facility after contract
  • Overall business planning to be considered, e.g. Italian facility will be almost fully utilized for 6 years and make it impossible to accept potential more profitable projects
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