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About E.ON Inhouse Consulting (ECON)

Do you want to shape the energy market of the future? Would you like to work hand-in-hand with E.ON's top management team to master the strategic challenges facing the global energy market? At E.ON Inhouse Consulting (ECON), E.ON Group's international management consulting unit, you will develop unique solutions to tackle the complex issues posed by the energy industry - making a lasting contribution to increasing the corporate value of our company. What else awaits you? A challenging learning environment, excellent career prospects and an exceptional team spirit!

Career at E.ON Inhouse Consulting (ECON)

Are you currently completing a master's degree course in Economics, Engineering or Natural Science - with outstanding academic results? Can you pull on some initial hands-on experience - ideally in the energy industry or consulting sector? Then apply to join us as a Visiting Consultant. Right from day one of your internship, you will be part of our team of consultants and take on responsibility for a range of demanding tasks as a fully-fledged member of our team - for a period of eight to twelve weeks.

Have you already completed your master's degree? Then join our team as Project Consultant and work on some extremely challenging projects guaranteed to familiarize you with the whole spectrum of the energy value chain. You will be working on E.ON Group's top priority topics - making a long-term contribution to the success of our projects.

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September 18, 2018

#AskECON - First-hand insights directly from E.ON Inhouse Consultants (ECON)

Within our feature #AskECON, you had the unique opportunity to directly get in touch with E.ON Inhouse Consulting (ECON).

Manuel (Project Manager) and Matthias (Consultant) shared their personal experience at ECON and were happy to answer your questions. Furthermore, Halina (Team Lead Talent Acquisition) offered you useful advice on your application.

To keep you up-to-date, here is a short overview of the top Q&As:

What are the entry requirements at ECON? Manuel:

"Many thanks for your question and happy to elaborate on our general requirements: 1) University degree: For Junior Consultants we ask for a bachelor's degree, whereas consultants need to have a masters' degree. This should be in economics (including related studies like ... (more)" ... See More

E.ON Inhouse Consulting Q&As

Are you talking about e.on Inhouse consulting? If so, the ones they did some years ago were mostly interviewer led, with specific questions regarding energy business and reimbursement (e.g. calcula... (more)

Hi Anonymous, Many thanks for your question and happy to elaborate on our general requirements: University degree: For Junior Consultants we ask for a bachelor’s degree, whereas consultan... (more)

Hi Anonymous, Reflecting on my experiences throughout the past seven years at E.ON Inhouse Consulting, the most important thing I wish I had known at the start is the importance and value of pe... (more)

Best answer so far:
Project Manager

Lieber Anonymous, wir bieten bei E.ON Inhouse Consulting ein attraktives Paket, bestehend aus einer wettbewerbsfähigen Vergütung (Festgehalt und leistungsbezogener Bonus), betrieblicher Altersvorso... (more)

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