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E.ON Inhouse Consulting

Inhouse Consultancy
100 employees
Strategy, Renewables, Energy Networks, Marketing & Sales, Technologie & Innovation, Digitization
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About E.ON Inhouse Consulting

About E.ON Inhouse Consulting
  • About E.ON Inhouse Consulting

Do you want to shape the energy market of the future? Would you like to work hand-in-hand with E.ON's top management team to master the strategic challenges facing the global energy market? At E.ON Inhouse Consulting (ECON), E.ON Group's international management consulting unit, you will develop unique solutions to tackle the complex issues posed by the energy industry - making a lasting contribution to increasing the corporate value of our company. What else awaits you? A challenging learning environment, excellent career prospects and an exceptional team spirit!

Company Case by E.ON Inhouse Consulting

You are starting your first day at E.ON Inhouse Consulting and have been instructed to take a closer look at the customer journey at E.ON. Your first task is to compile touchpoints the customers experience when joining E.ON. After that, you have to think of channels to improve the customer experienc ... (Open whole case)
Times solved

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