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Finance/Controlling, M&A, Organization, Process Improvement, Strategy
Automotive, Consumer Goods, Energy, Financial Services, Industrial Goods, Media, Pharma & Healthcare, Private Equity, Public Sector, Telecommunications, Transportation/Logistics

About Stern Stewart & Co.

Stern Stewart & Co. is an independent strategy consulting boutique. The consulting company advises selected leading global companies, entrepreneurs and sovereign wealth funds. Stern Stewart & Co. combines financial expertise with strategic enquiry and thus provides clients with a tangible added value. Therefore it nurtures a very close relationship of trust with its clients. The consultants' maxim is to advise every client as if it were their own company. The company's consulting focus is on the key management issues. Stern Stewart & Co. advises clients in the areas Strategy, Corporate Finance, Organization and Performance Management across all industries.

The international Think Tank "The Stern Stewart Institute" (TSSI) with its Annual Summit as well as the financing and implementation of social projects emphasize the importance of corporate responsibility.


Your career at Stern Stewart & Co.

Depending on qualification, Stern Stewart & Co. offers various career entry opportunities. All positions share one thing in common: Expectations are high, but the company also offers you a lot. The boutique nature of the firm offers special opportunities at all career levels.

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Der in Deutschland breit aufgestellte Sportartikelhersteller TIGER SE möchte seinen Umsatz steigern. Das Unternehmen ist entlang seiner Wertschöpfungskette vollständig integriert, das heißt die Sportartikel werden eigens angefertigt und anschließend über eigene Distributionskanäle an die Endverbrau ... Open whole case

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Hi Anonym, That's right. The procedure is quite different. I've been there for an interview. If you want, just write me and I can tell you more about it. Best regards, Marco-Alexander

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My view on Stern Stewart in Germany: Very good firm. Focus on value creation and no-nonsense financial underpinning of strategic recommendations. Intense performance-orientation and (at times) roug... (more)

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Hello, There are a few recent reviews on Glassdoor - please see link below Do let me k... (more)

Hi Marvin, as there is no definite right or wrong answer to this question, here are a few things to consider: 1) Salary: Should be SSCO > OCC > SKP 2) Hours: Should be SSCO > OCC >... (more)

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