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Should I proactively tell the HR recruiter that I got interview invitation from another MBB firm?

Anonymous A asked on Oct 04, 2018 - 8 answers


I got interview invitation from BCG and currently Mckinsey is screening my CV. Should I proactively mention that with McKinsey? Will that increase the chance to get the interview invitation or backfire? Thanks a lot.



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replied on Oct 04, 2018
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Hi Anonymous,

I agree with the other comments, there is no advantage in proactively mention you have an invitation with another company to HR. On the other hand, if the interviewer asks about that in the interview, there is no harm in mentioning it and could even be beneficial.

One of the candidates I helped had first an interview with an MBB firm that was not his first choice.

He did very well in the first interview, and, in the end, they asked him if he had other MBBs interviews as well. He mentioned that was the case. They ended making him an offer without even the second round.

He then went on with the process also with the other MBB and landed an offer there as well - I would imagine the confidence of having an offer already was not a small advantage.

That was pretty unique and clearly correlated with a great performance in the first round. Quite a nice way to skip a final though ;)



Anonymous C updated his answer on Oct 04, 2018

This is as fas as my understanding goes:

1) Getting an interview is part skill (do you have a nice CV, did you do interesting stuff), part luck (mood of the person evaluating, does this person have enough time to look at your details, usually they first scan your CV so do they pick up the right points?). The fact that you got through one of the recruitment processes just means that your CV is good and you also might have a shot at another MBB.

2) Everybody is always betting on several horses. They never assume that you only applied to them, if you did you must already know the company very well and be extremely confident to not want to see what others have to offer. Also, the odds of getting a job after landing a first-round interview are still pretty slim, it is not advisable to only apply at one firm.

3) If they find your CV interesting, they will often ask you if you are applying at other places anyway. At least at some point. They want to know this because you might have an offer from another firm. In that case they might be able to arrange that your interview is moved to a closer date (f.i. next week).

So my advice would be to not contact them to tell them you got an interview elsewhere UNLESS you have an offer pending and you need to move the interview to a closer date, the only thing it might bring is that it annoys them.

Disclaimer: I am also in the phase before my first round interview, so I'm not at all an expert.


Benjamin updated his answer on Oct 04, 2018
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Basically everyone is interviewing at several firms simultaneously. So not a big deal.
In any case, if you receive an offer from MBB, you can tell the other firm to speed up the process.


replied on Oct 04, 2018
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Everyone assumes you are interviewing with everyone else

Also, for the Anonymous (C?) who hopes to get an interview with one because he gets an interview with another... sorry, that won't help: one of MBB declined to interview me even I had an offer from BCG.

replied on Oct 04, 2018
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Interview invitation = nothing. The fact that BCG invited you does not necessarily mean that you are qualified (there is a need for a candidate like you) at McKinsey. You can only facilitate the process if you have an offer from another company.


replied on Oct 04, 2018
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I don't think this will increase your chances of getting an interview, and wouldn't communicate it as you just risk annoying the recruiter.

It is generally only worth noting you have final interviews / offer with another firm once you are also in the interview process with McKinsey, in case you need them to expedite the process - e.g. if you have an "exploding offer" from BCG.

Well done on getting the interviews invitation!

Anonymous A updated his answer on Oct 04, 2018

Well, the thing is that McKinsey is not coming back to me until I sent her an email after a couple of months I submitted my application. And just received an email saying that they start screening my CV now.

In the email I sent to her I mentioned that I will be in her say soon. But I did not mention the reason was for the interview at another MBB firm.


Anonymous B replied on Oct 04, 2018

Actually I want to ask the same thing here, I got a rejection from BCG in the CV screening stage. what if I tell them that I´m currently in the process with McKinsey and perhaps BCG will changed their mind?

No Way the will change their mind. Reject is a reject — Vlad on Oct 04, 2018

Agree with Vlad. This would suggest that BCG's screening process is not on the standard of McKinsey, which obviously BCG would never agree with. — Alessandro on Oct 04, 2018

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