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McKinsey Imbellus Solve Game Secrets

Learn the Exact Steps to Crack the 7 Games of the Imbellus
Discover the Proven Way to Master the 5 Skills Tested in the Game
Create your Ecosystem Chain Automatically with the Automated Excel Included
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McKinsey Imbellus Solve Game Secrets
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  • McKinsey Imbellus Solve Game Secrets
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Download the guide, go to page 73 and click on the link – you will get access to the Automated Excel immediately.

NOTE: The Excel included does NOT have the ability to check if a chain is sustainable. If you would like to receive the Excel with that option, please purchase the Imbellus Solve Combo or the McKinsey Solve Game Package, selecting them from the menu above under “Other variants”.

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Your Ultimate Guide for the Problem Solving Game

  • Do you have to take the McKinsey Solve Game and don‘t know how to get ready?
  • Do you want to do the Problem Solving Game without feeling “I may have prepared for this”?
  • Are you tired of reading blog posts and guides saying you should “have fun“, “be yourself“ and that “there is no way to prepare”?


Are you looking for a guide that:

  • Explains step-by-step how to crack all the Game Scenarios (and not just the popular ones)?
  • Answers all your questions and breaks down all the myths and misconceptions on the Test?
  • Shows you the simple path to master the 5 real skills tested in the Game and move to the next round?


After coaching hundreds of McKinsey candidates, Francesco is ready to tell you all the secrets no one ever revealed on the PSG Solve game.


You can now get the exact information that took him months and tens of interviews to accumulate – in one click. This guide works for every single office having the test and every single scenario. Whether you haven’t read anything on the Imbellus or already purchased multiple guides, you are sure to find value in the “McKinsey Imbellus Solve Game Secrets” guide.


This 156-page guide will:

  • Show the perfect strategy for each of the 7 Game Scenarios
  • Explain every single part of the Game with ad-hoc pictures
  • Detail the exact steps to improve in the 5 Skills tested in the game
  • Provide insider information from previous applicants who succeeded in the game
  • Reveal the must-know answers to the most common questions on the Imbellus Solve Game
  • Disclose the exact probability of each Game Scenario
  • Offer you an automated Excel to create the Food Chain in the Ecosystem Game 
  • Give you a proven template to build the food chain in the Ecosystem Game
  • Provide you with real examples of food chains working and not working in the Ecosystem Game
  • Present the rules of the game for the Ecosystem Game 
  • Explain to you the 8 steps to win the Ecosystem Game 
  • NEW: Showcase the 5 steps of the Ocean Treatment Game
  • Show you the 7 steps to win the Plant Defense Game
  • Reveal the 5 key tips to pass the Redrock Study

This guide will cover every single part of the Game, so you can be 100% confident the day of the assessment, without worrying “I should have prepared better for this”.


You won’t have to spend countless hours reading information online or guides that may be outdated and refer to the Game previous versions – you will find everything you need here.


You will also get all the future versions of the Guide – for free! If you buy the guide now, you will have lifetime access to all the future updates. If the game changes in the next few weeks, you will be covered.


We may change this in the future, so we recommend you buy it now to benefit from the lifetime access!


BUY NOW McKinsey Imbellus Solve Game Secrets and start your journey to your McKinsey offer!


Page 2-5


  • A New Way to Assess Candidates
Page 6-11

Overview of the Solve Game

  • What is the Solve Test
  • The Last Version of the Game – the Real Scenarios Tested
  • The Skills Tested – Overview
Page 12-15

The Origin of the Test

  • How the Test Was Born
  • Why McKinsey Moved Away From the PST
  • The Evolutions of the Game
Page 16-19

The Skills Tested

  • The Skills Tested – Definition
  • The Skills Tested – Example of Questions Asked
  • The Top Skill to Master
Page 20-36

The Game Scenarios

  • The Game Today – The Current Structure
  • Game 1: Ecosystem Management Detailed Overview
  • Game 2: Redrock Study Detailed Overview
  • Game 3: Ocean Treatment Detailed Overview
Page 37-48

Hacking the Scenarios

  • Ecosystem Management: How to Win the Game
  • Redrock Study: How to Win the Game
  • Ocean Treatment: How to Win the Game
Page 49-57

Mastering the Skills

  • Mastering the Skills – What You Should Practice
  • Mastering the Skills – Method 1
  • Mastering the Skills – Method 2
  • Mastering the Skills – Method 3
Page 58-60

Learning Tests Best Practices

  • Test Best Practices – The Ultimate Cheat Sheet
Page 61-71

FAQs, Final Tips and Conclusions

  • Your Path to Master the Game
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Hacking the Game – Final Tips from Previous Candidates
Page 72-99

Appendix 1: Excel Model Tutorial for Scenario 1

  • Step-by-Step Approach to Identify the Optimal Location and Relevant Species for the Ecosystem Management game
Page 100-103

Appendix 2: Food Chain Template for Scenario 1

  • Proven Food Chain Pyramid to Identify the Ideal Species for the Ecosystem Management game
Page 104

Appendix 3: Rules of the Game Scenario 1

  • List of Rules for Ecosystem Management for the Ecosystem Management game
Page 112-119

Appendix 4: Food Chain Examples for Scenario 1

  • Examples of Food Chains Working and Not Working for the Ecosystem Management game
Page 120-121

Appendix 5: The 8 Steps to Win the Ecosystem Game

  • The Specific Steps to Take to Succeed in the Ecosystem Game
Page 122-123

Appendix 6: The 5 Key Tips to Pass the Redrock Study

  • The Specific Steps to Take to Succeed in the Redrock Study
Page 124-145

Appendix 7: The Previous Games of the Test

  • Step-by-step Analysis of the Previous Games of the Test
Page 146-154

Appendix 8: The 7 Steps to Win the Plant Defense Game

  • The Specific Steps to Take to Succeed in the Plant Defense

About the Author

Content Creator
#1 Coach for Sessions (4.500+) | 1.500+ 5-Star Reviews | Proven Success (➡ | Ex BCG | 10Y+ Coaching

Francesco is an interview coach, former BCG consultant and tech entrepreneur. He is the #1 coach on for meetings done, where he completed more than 3.000 expert sessions.

As a coach for consulting interviews, Francesco helped hundreds of candidates to land offers from McKinsey, BCG and Bain. Since 2016, he organizes consulting bootcamps in some of the leading universities in Europe.

As a consultant, Francesco joined BCG in the Milan office, where he worked on projects in the energy, industrial goods and consumer goods sectors. After BCG, he worked in venture capital in Germany as an angel fund associate.

As an entrepreneur, Francesco founded two companies in Europe and Asia in the entertainment and EdTech sectors. He is currently leading a Singapore-based company and supporting startups as a strategic advisor.

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August 08, 2020 by Anonymous

Usually, I'm not particularly eager to purchase materials for test preparation, but I feel this is worth every penny. Most of the guide/advice (even on prep lounge) about Imbellus just emphasized the general idea. This guide goes very deep into each scenario and tackles it in very detailed directions. The benefit of having this guide is that you can understand the game before getting an invitation from the company/game started. Thus you will be able to apply the best strategies step by step for each scenario that you will get. It also includes applicable tips from successful candidates. 100% recommended. Update: Francesco also kindly sends updated version of this file so there is no harm at all for purchasing it earlier. The updated file that I got includes many more comprehensive scenarios

9 users found this review helpful.
Content Creator
replied on April 19, 2023
Thanks for your kind review!

I am pleased you appreciated the depth of the explanation and the updated version. If anyone needs an updated version of the guide please let me know and I can send it for free.

September 08, 2021 by Alice

If you have basic the basic ability to google, this isn't not worth it. Both the powerpoint/the excel are basic and not quite worth my money; the description mentioned that it would give "strategies" to address the games, but it did not provide anything substantial but instead just told me to effectively plan before I do. Frankly, I've read through multiple online medium articles with the same/more content. (There are obviously more online free guides, but these two , should be good enough)

5 users found this review helpful.
Content Creator
replied on September 09, 2021
10/10/22 EDIT: 9th Edition is now out with 6th game added, Redrock explanation and 147 total pages

24/09/21 EDIT: 7th Edition is now out with the Automated Excel to build the chain, 5th game added, 7 steps to win the Plant Defense game and 137 total pages


Hi Alice,

Thanks for your feedback, I am sorry to see you did not find the guide useful.

I always look to improve the guide and totally respect your feedback. However I was a bit surprised that you compared two links with generic advice to a 111-page guide coming with Excel and PowerPoint templates and a full description of all games, unlike the links above.

In terms of the strategies to address the games, on pages 34 to 45 you can find the steps to perform well in each of the 4 games. I found it unclear why you summarized those 12 pages with “just told me to effectively plan”, as I divide the games into 16 specific steps you can follow to win them with details for each.

As of today, the following are a few of the areas covered by the guide compared to what reported in the links above:

• Step-by-step strategy to follow for each of the possible Scenarios
• Screenshots and explanations for each of the games
• Excel template to structure all the ecosystem species
• Food Chain template to structure all the ecosystem species
• Steps to improve on the 5 skills tested by the Imbellus
• Examples of chains working and not working for the Ecosystem Management game
• Rules of the games for the Ecosystem Management game
• Advise from previous candidates that took the game and FAQ on most common questions
• 12-hour guaranteed reply if you have any questions or need additional material/help

Hope this helps to clarify the additional content of the guide.

As mentioned in the pdf, I am always happy to help candidates and send in advance the additional material I am working on and I reply within 12 hours. I will have an updated version of the Excel soon and I would be happy to share it if you want to reach out.

August 08, 2020 by Samay

This is the best guide that I have ever seen for an assessment. The Imbellus Game is very different from other consulting assessments, and Francesco's expertise shone through as I studied the guide. It started with a bit of background on why the Imbellus test is used instead of the PST. It then goes onto describe the game and what is involved so you will know exactly what to expect on the day. The guide then provides tips on how to master the game and score very highly. Finally, it provides support and guidance on what a candidate can do to improve their skill level. Thanks very much Francesco, with this guide I can be confident in succeeding with McKinsey!

5 users found this review helpful.
Content Creator
replied on April 19, 2023
Thanks for your review Samay, I appreciate your kind words!

I am glad you found the guide useful, for any additional questions I am always available to help.

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